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It Is Time to Let Him Go… Or Is It?

A dear friend of mine was fired by, not one, but two veterinarians. 

She wasn’t fired from a job, but fired as a client.  Why?  Because, against the recommendation of these vets, she choose to not euthanize her dogs.

In both cases, the vets were sure these animals had only weeks, maybe even days left to live, and it wouldn’t be fare to the animal to force him to keep living with the pain and suffering he would have to endure.   So, as is often the case, the vets advised my friend to put the dogs down.  When my friend said that wasn’t going to happen, the both vets, in good conscious, could no longer work with them.  It was either euthanasia or find another vet.

So why didn’t my friend take the learned diagnosis of the vet?  It was because, in both cases, during an animal communication session, her animal companions told her that they weren’t ready to go yet, and they were willing to deal with the physical pain and limitations (which weren’t anywhere near where the vet thought they were) to enjoy more time with her and on the Earth.

In both cases, these companions lived for years longer, and enjoyed a quality of life that the vets couldn’t have imagined.  These animals were able to experience life way beyond what the vets thought they would, but I wasn’t surprised.  The animals told me.

To be clear, this isn’t about bashing these vets or in any way criticizing anyone in the veterinarian community.  I absolutely understand why those vets did what they did.  All vets are forced to walk a very difficult path.  Every day, lives are literally in their hands, and they must do what they feel is right, and in the best interest of the animals they serve.

I also hold no judgement on the people who choose euthanasia for their animals.  Anyone who is forced to make that heartbreaking choice only wants what is best for their beloved family member, and they are forced to make the hard choice for the ultimate benefit of their companion.

But my friend’s experience is certainly not unique.  I have answered the urgent call hundreds of times for an emergency session because an animal was going to be put downin the morning, or even in a couple of hours.  During these consultation, the animals share their needs, desires, bucket lists, and love.

Sometimes the animals do indeed wish to transition, say their goodbyes, and are ready to go.  Other times, given just a little more time, the animals are willing to endure their discomfort for one last holiday, one more trip, or even one more final evening with their human companions before they go.  Still other times, the animals are flat out not ready to go and, if given the chance, live years, happy to manage with pain or limitations because, just like humans, they aren’t ready to leave and feel they still have many years left!

So how do you make that decision?  How do you give your animal companion that voice? How can animal communication help you?  This and many other topics as important as this one will be discussed in this year’s Animal Communication Webinar Series.

It is called Animal Communication: A Limitless Language.  It is the final series I will be doing on Animal Communication and, because of that, I am covering some of the toughest and most important subjects I know of to help you take animal communication to a master level.

As I said, there are habits, skills, and practices outside of the telepathy itself that, if used properly, separate a good communicator from a master communicator.  This is what we will be discussing over 6 sessions in December.

Plus, as always, we have some amazing guests, including the Founder of Elephant Aid International and co-founder of The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, Carol Buckley andRenowned Holistic Physician, Lecturer, and Author of The Emotion Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson.

I am very excited to share this vital information with you and I hope you will join me.

Along with a special Early Bird price, I also have a free bonus for you if you sign up before December 1st.

The doors are now open to register and we start on December 1st.  So don’t wait.  Click on the link below and reserve your spot.


Until next time,

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