roth trainers
Reach Out to Horses Trainer’s Demonstration Event
All Proceeds Go to Zuma’s Rescue Ranch

November 1, 2015, 10am – 4pm
Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
7745 N. Moore Rd., Littleton, CO

Join us for a day of trust-based horsemanship and training as graduates of the Reach Out to Horses Trainers Program demonstrate the effective, powerful, and groundbreaking methodologies that Anna herself has developed, used, and taught around the world to thousands of horses (and humans). 

We have an eclectic, international group of folks who can’t wait to give you insights into your horses, true horsemanship, and the communication between horse and human.

They have all completed an extraordinary journey and we are excited to see them fly as they spread their wings and begin their careers as Reach Out to Horses’ Trainers.  

The ROTH methodologies are not simply another cookie-cutter style of natural horsemanship, similar to all the rest.  ROTH stands out as the only trust-based training methodology with its foundation in the language of the horse.  

Through clear, precise, and fluent communication, the ROTH methodologies allow you to support your horse through the training, creating a stress-free, solid, program; with the results you want and the partnership you’ve always dreamed of.

Let our graduates introduce you to a world of trust and partnership and show you what is truly possible in your training, in your relationship with your horse, and in your life.

And best of all you get to spend the entire day with Reach Out to Horses for only $20!

No It’s Not a Typo, Only $20 Dollars!

A full day of horsemanship for only $20 when you preregister and a mere $25 at the door.  We promise you won’t get this much groundbreaking information for so little anywhere!  And if that wasn’t enough, 100% of the proceeds from the entire day go to the inspiring Zuma’s Rescue Ranch and the incredible work they are doing there to save horses and humans, and give them all a second chance at life.

It’s a win, win, win for everybody! 

Come see how these incredible individuals have turned their dreams into reality and discover this unique and effective approach to horsemanship.  Heck, you might even be inspired to embark on your own journey to a whole new life with our equine companions.

Register now and discover what is truly possible for you and your horse.

To Reserve Your Spot Go to Reach Out to Horses and Save 20%.

For more information about Zuma’s Rescue Ranch visit them at:

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