Reach Out to the Untouched Horse ~ Testimonial

I would like to start to thank Anna and the rest of the group for an unforgettable week. I really enjoyed the company of both horses and people. ROTH does feel like a family – everybody is so kind and helpful and supports each other in all kinds of situations, good or bad.

I love to learn more about the language of equus and to work with the different horses. It is amazing to see how far the colts develop only during 7 days because we remember to ask. It is also amazing how great teachers the horses are. I believe my biggest lesson was not taking it personal, when things do not turn out as you had hoped!

The other two teachers Anna and Braxton made sure safety was on top at all times, they guided and demoed different scenarios to ensure that both horse and person were at the same level of the learning curve. They support each other like a brother and sister. It’s amazing to see how they work together and how they see things/think the same way. I felt totally comfortable when I was bellying over some of the colts for the first time and even when I were first rider on top of them.

Also a special thanks to Tricia’s 3 horses Nigel, Nash and Sneakers. They did great as pony horses and especially Nash was awesome. He was solid as a rock and supported me in the best way when I ponied River.

Last but not least a special thanks to Michaele for hosting this clinic. Dimock Ranch is the coolest place to be, with the best facilities. I am really grateful that you allowed us to work with your horses in this clinic, personally I know it take some guts to hand over your beloved horses to other persons. So thank you for being patient with us.

I know Anna gets a read on every horse in order for getting the best match when they are being dedicated to the different persons in the clinic. I also believe that she can read your mind when dedicating horses. The day before the clinic started I heard Anna and Michaele talking about which horses to include in the clinic. I heard River being mentioned and immediately I hope that she would be my dedicated horse as I worked with her on part 3. I think she is a fantastic mustang and it would be a great to get the opportunity to work with her again – guess what, River was my dedicated horse for the whole week

Liv Bjerre



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