Not a by-product: The Bears and the Foal, a story of righting a wrong.

Invited by Anna to share her experience, Sarah tells her story of a powerful experience that brought messages about intuition, guidance, dreams, authenticity, and honoring and blessing the voiceless innocent.

The Bears and the Foals

By: Sarah Lockwood

I inherited my grandmother’s vintage fur coat a few years ago. I’ve known about the coat since my youth but never knew what kind of fur it was. I knew I wasn’t interested in wearing it, and decided to find out whether there was a way to sell it. I took it to a vintage clothing buyer who said she doesn’t buy furs but told me she thought it was what it referred to as “pony hair”. I was taken aback as I didn’t know horses’ skins were used for coats.  Come to find out, the animals used in the making of “pony skin” or “pony hair” products are actually foals. Foals considered unwanted by-products of other industries, such as nurse-mare foals, feed-lot foals, PMU foals, etc.

Needless to say I was disheartened to learn about not only this practice but that this item was mine to deal with. Terribly ironic, to find yourself the unwitting owner of a product of industries that, through working in Anna’s program, I seek to rescue horses from. I started looking for fur buyers or consigners, but couldn’t get my heart into it. It didn’t sit well with me that I would be advertising this item and assigning monetary value that I would accept in exchange for it. That did not feel authentic. For a while I thought that maybe being vintage, I could sell it without really contributing to demand for primary manufacture. But deep down I felt that, despite it being vintage, I would still be assigning a monetary value to the death of a foal who never had a chance, and passing that vibration forward by perpetuating a demand for it.

I reached out via social media for the input of friends on what to do with it. Anna pointed out to me that the energy of the foal is still with the coat, and Elaine and others suggested laying it to rest with a proper burial. I admit, I had never thought of that at the time.

Rewind about five days. On the previous Friday night, I had had a very troubling dream.  A little background about me – I’ve always been a vivid dreamer and have come to know over the years that, especially when I’m centered and keeping a quiet mind, this is a profound way that I receive messages from Source, from myself, and from beings on the other side. I have had many, many premonitory dreams throughout my life and I take them pretty seriously.  Anyway, I had dreamed that I went out my back gate into the vineyards beyond my yard, and saw a huge pile of dead brown bears. In the dream I was trying to make sense of who was responsible, what the purpose could be for killing so many bears, how to report those responsible, and how and where to bury these sad and disrespected creatures’ physical remains. The feeling in the dream was always that those responsible were lurking unseen, that night was falling, and I had to figure out what was going on or somehow the evidence would be hidden overnight. Upon waking I looked up the message of the bear, which is essentially to go within for answers, receive the intuition flowing from a quiet mind, and to trust the dream-time.  At the time I did not make the connection to the coat.

Flash forward again to the suggestion to bury the foal-skin coat. The images in the dream hit me fresh again and the message came through loud and clear, and unmistakable.  The fact that I was shown this impossible number of murdered bears in my dream, and that I was looking for their resting place suddenly made sense, and I knew that I had to bury the coat, to give it a resting place.  I was being given a chance to seek peace and restitution for just one innocent life, out of an impossibly cruel and mounting number.

I talked over with my husband where to do this and settled on an undisturbed corner of our yard, adjacent to the gate through which I had walked in my dream and seen the bears.  My dogs kept respectful company as I dug, laid the coat in the hole, covered it, and placed a small marker. I prayed that in releasing the foal’s physical form back to the Earth that her spirit would be released to God. I asked forgiveness for how she had been wronged so immediately upon arrival to this world.  I thanked God for the opportunity to receive messages in their various forms, to practice authenticity, and to seek His path where it all flows together.

Going forward, I am grateful to be better-poised from a spiritual standpoint, to support ROTH’s mission of saving “by-product” foals from such fates as this coat.  I am blessed to have friends who speak truth to my questions.  And I am grateful and humbled to share this little chapter in my journey on behalf of the innocents.

An appy PMU foal rests near its mother.
An appy PMU foal rests near its mother.

3 thoughts on “Not a by-product: The Bears and the Foal, a story of righting a wrong.

  1. Beautiful…had goosebumps several times through the reading of this tale. Mad e me cry a bit too…thank you for sharing and telling us your story. i sense you made the perfect choice!

    1. Thank you ladies. I was honored to share because this story reveals how connection, authenticity and reaching for the most loving thing to do is supported by God on so many levels if you remain quiet and open.

  2. This story brings me to my knees. In the name of God how we humans could come up with the idea let alone carry it out to make coats from baby horses is the stuff of nightmares.
    Yet if we are all one then part of me is capable of such a thing. I’m committed to find powerful solutions to our human imbalance so I’m not part of the problem reacting in horror, anger and disgust. .
    I have a raccoon coat given to me by my sister in law,it was her mothers I may bury it or send it to a Native American Reservation to help someone stay warm.
    Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for honoring the foul and the bears.
    Thank you for reminding us to be conscious and mindful of all the signs, messages and dreams all around us so we can do better every moment.
    Thank you for not stopping because it was uncomfortable.
    Thank you for all your love, care, and training with Anna and ROTH.

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