Animal Communication Instruction DVD set now available

Animal Communication Instruction
Anna Twinney, World Renowned Animal Behaviorist released her new Animal Communication Instruction DVD set today.


June 4, 2015

Reach Out to Horses


Contact: Vincent Mancarella




International equestrian expert and animal communicator, Anna Twinney announces the release of her new two-DVD set, Animal Communication: The Journey Within. “Nature is my connection to Spirit and the animals are my guides,” Anna explains of her unique ability to translate animal behavior into words for people to understand. This new DVD series allows anyone with desire and insight to develop their own intuition and begin to practice what Anna is known for all over the world.

As an animal behavior authority, Anna is respected around the globe for her knowledge and ability. This DVD series allows the viewer to follow along during an Animal Communication retreat at the beautiful and historic White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.

The sub title “the Journey Within” is apt as Anna guides the viewer through the process of threading their own talents, overcoming obstacles and pulling from past experiences to nurture their own inherent gifts. Viewers will discover ways to enhance their perceptions, make clearer connections and understand how personal memories and imagination have an impact into the process and openness that animal communication embodies.

The DVD is comprised of lectures, graphic illustration, stories, advice through Q and A, exercises and even a live session, all intertwined to help the viewer work toward being an accurate and reliable communicator.

Avid animal lovers, students, passionately curious and even hardcore skeptics are the perfect candidates to enjoy this one-of-a-kind series. Questions will be answered, current skills enhanced and roadblocks removed in this eye-opening, thought provoking series. With all creatures, great and small, domestic and wild, Anna seeks to change perspectives and create better lives for animals and humans.

Animals need more ambassadors, this DVD bridges the gap to understanding what that means.

To read more about Animal Communication: The Journey Within visit



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