Intention and Attention – by Frank Bell

Excerpt from Frank Bell’s Spring 2015 Newsletter – learn more:

Frank Bell is a contributor in Anna’s new DVD: Animal Communication: The Journey Within  Learn More!


These are two very powerful words that are intertwined and work in symmetry as we interact with our horses. I believe we must begin with a clear idea of where we’re going, thereby having clear intention. But if we’re not paying close attention to just where our horses are mentally, our intention can easily be misguided. We must adjust to fit the situation.

We now live in a world where our attention has become compromised. The media know exactly how long we can focus and it’s not very long. From my perspective we’re being dumbed-down as we jump from one short focus to the next. It’s news, sitcoms, texting, etc. Do it and do it now- fast. This does not work with our horses. Our horses deserve and require our undivided attention and they can stay with it as long as we are present, truly present. When we start to drift then it’s time to end the session. Of course with young horses, short sessions are best. Know where you’re going and be abundantly present. The rewards will amaze!



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