Something big is happening soon! Are you ready for a Miracle?

As you know I often collaborate with people I feel are in alignment with the ideals, philosophies and integrity we strive to achieve here at ROTH.  Much of the time we tend to stay in the worlds of horses, healing and animal communication.

Well I’m very excited to tell you that we will be part of an electric and dynamic (and FREE) series that I’m positive you won’t want to miss.

This powerful material is all about “Business Miracles®”. It is a concept created by my colleague and friend, Heather Dominick, and it’s about shifting the set of internal and external behaviors that affect and influence the business choices you make and ultimately the results of those choices.

If you can already tell you want one of the limited, free, virtual seats then click here to register now:

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner working really hard in your business and feel like:


* Your future must be defined by your disappointing past

* Something in your business is off but you just can’t put your finger on it

* You get stuck not knowing what to do first

* You can’t be your real self and also achieve success

* There’s a hidden barrier to your success and prosperity

…then this FREE 21-Day Discovery Series is going to change your business and your life.

You deserve a higher level of success and prosperity and we want to share this priceless information with you and anyone you know who has those same “symptoms”.  So if you are ready for some raw honest perspective, and some genuine practical assistance, follow this link below.

A couple of years ago, Heather was part of our 0 Budget Business Webinar

Series and she brought an incredible amount of value in her 30 minute presentation.  I can only imagine the life and business changing content she has in store for you during the entire series.  She has some other great guests lined up, like author and speaker, Marci Shimoff, who will also be sharing the secrets to their own successes.

In addition, I will be offering some free gifts only for those who decide to be a part of this series.  


Please reserve your complimentary seat right away because there are a limited number of virtual seats and I’d love to have a HUGE ROTH audience!

Remember, it is totally free, my and Heather’s 100% gift to you. This is us paying it forward. The more businesses in the world being managed by miracles, the greater chance we have to truly change the world, for the better.

For the horses,

Anna Twinney

P.S. This isn’t your typical telesummit. It takes 21 days to change a habit so each day you will receive a “21-Minute Daily Dose” of a business miracle either in the form of a self-study exercise, audio training or inspiring Master Teacher interview. We begin March 4th, 2015. 

P.P.S. Yes, you can register to receive recordings, if you choose.


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