3-Day Intuitive Riding Experience with Anna Twinney and Certified ROTH Instructor Braxton Dolce

May 8 – 10, 2015 – 9am – 6pm
Dolce Holistic Horsemanship
Kerrville, TX

Intuitive Riding from the Ground and Into the Saddle

The ground is where all good riding begins. It is the foundation of all good horsemanship. But the ROTH methodologies are just as important and effective in the saddle. After all, without true communication and partnership, your riding, whether it be for pleasure or competition, will suffer and could even be dangerous.

During these 3 days Anna, and ROTH Certified Instructor, Braxton Dolce will teach you how to take the Reach Out Methodologies to the saddle, enhance your riding and improve your communication in the saddle.


Friday: T.L.C. on the Ground and In the Saddle

Learn the art of Trust-Based Learning and Compassionate Communication. T.L.C. is the foundation of the ROTH program’s in-hand work… and there’s a reason for it. You will create a solid foundation with your horse, set him up for success and achieve that connection of grace and ease you’ve always imagined. Then you will take those same techniques to the saddle to take your riding to that deeper level.

Saturday: The Obstacle Course and Spook-Busting

The obstacle course is one of the most effective tools in horsemanship and you will explore it both on the ground and in the saddle. On day 2 you will work with your horse from the saddle to eliminate any concerns about spooking while you are on his back. You will learn how to gain a closer connection with your horse and fill in the holes you might not have even known you had. All without fear, stress or flooding. We did this day earlier in the year to rave reviews and fantastic results!

Sunday: Intuitive Riding with Your Horse

This will be a day you remember forever! Anna will demonstrate an immensely effective use of the round pen that she rarely teaches in a clinic setting like this. So you definitely don’t want to miss out! Anna will help you take your training, and the partnership with your horse, to a whole new level as she introduces you to the subtleties of the horse’s communication system and shows you how to use the Round Pen for one of it’s most powerful uses – understanding and assessing your horse’s history, personality, and character.   Anna’s unique method of using not only body language but also energy and interspecies communication will reveal just how communicative your horse really is and how we can use this comprehensive language to create and deepen a true partnership between horse and human. Then you will put it all together as you take the entire 3 days to the saddle, solve your toughest issues and experience the art of intuitive riding.

*Can’t join us as a participant?  Come as an auditor for the weekend and practice when you get home!

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