Re-Cap from FREE Natural Horsemanship Webinar

The Evolution of Horsemanship:  Becoming the Horseman or Woman Every Horse Wants
FREE Webinar
with Anna

Monday, January 19, 2015 – 6pm-7:30pm (Mountain time)

Thanks to all who listened in as well as asked questions as we discussed becoming the companion, trainer, rider, guardian every horse needs.  We had questions from the reaches of Connecticut, California, here in Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, Germany, Denmark, New York, Ontario, Tennesses, and Virginia.

Wonderful words from webinar attendees:

Karena Garrity –  Centerbrook,CT (Incoming)
Once again a wonderful experience!

Stephanie – Acton, CA (Incoming)
Amazing webinar – as always. Gave me extra questions/thought for our session this week. XO

Thank you so much…you have truely changed the world for horses!!

Deanna Main – Akron (Incoming)
Blessings to you, Vin and Joseph

Kelly Wright   Peyton, CO (Incoming)
you made me cry as usual!

Lisa Aniballi -Port Townsend (Incoming)
thank you Anna, you help me so much to understand my horses and be open to continue to evolve.

Cathi Greatorex – Eureka (Incoming)
Thank you for offering this opportunity for learning! You are so amazing and generous!

Ben Yoder-Henley – (Incoming)
Thank you, Anna for your webinar! I found this to be very informative and I took a lot from it. See you soonzeez!

Thanks for helping me change my mindset Anna

nancy maxwell -Phoenix (Incoming)

Thanks Anna for continuing to give me the encouragement that I AM hearing what I really am hearing from my boys… and I am not nuts as the rest of my barn thinks I am@

Allison Goldfarb –  Oakton, VA (Incoming)

Thank you, Anna. It was great to hear your voice again. You are one of the voices in my head as you started me on my journey of really listening and communicating with horses years ago at Flag is Up, CA and have been with me over the years in person and through the ether. I love what you say about evolving. I am looking forward to the next 6 weeks in the “Evolution” webinar series! Best wishes for 2015!


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