Holistic Horsemanship Part 3 – Your Evolution in Horsemanship – a 6-part Webinar Series

 Have you ever seen “Cavalia”? We’re very fortunate here in Colorado to have the show come around every other year or so. Vin and I had great seats this year for their performance in Denver.

If you’ve never seen it, I encourage you to check out some of their videos on YouTube. I think as soon as you see what horses are capable of at liberty, you’ll not only want to see the show the next time it comes near your home, but think of ways to do the same with your own horse.

Liberty is important to the horse. They are born to be and move free, and there are few things more beautiful than a galloping horse, mane flying, hoofs pounding away in perfect rhythm.

Likewise, learning to work your horse at liberty is important to your partnership and the tightness of your bond. It’s that place where you and your horse perfect your voiceless communication.

This is why ROTH stresses the combination of body language, telepathic communication, and energy in all the training we do.

Have you ever seen a master of liberty work partnering with a horse? It’s absolute magic. The horse seems to move, change direction and speed, and turn without a perceptible signal from the trainer. It’s poetry in motion.

At ROTH, we use the round pen, obstacle course, and liberty work to establish a conversation, build a connection, and a trust-based leader (that’s you).

Your fluency in the language of the horse is perfected working at liberty.

How the use of liberty work perfects your fluency in the language of the horse is only one of the topics we’ll be covering in this year’s Holistic Horsemanship Webinar series, “Your Evolution as a Horseman.”

The series will start on January 22nd and last for six information-dense sessions. I’ve asked several experts to join us for various topics, and I expect this series to be my best yet.

There are limited seats available, and registration will only be open for a few more days, so make sure you reserve your place and register here:

Sign Me Up Anna.  I’m In!

I’ve asked such notable experts as Linda Tellington-Jones, Franklin Levinson, Regan Golob, Rachel Heart, DVM, and Frank Bell to join us to share their wisdom.

I look forward to you joining us this year for a massive download of knowledge you won’t have access to in any other single place.

Happy trails,


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