Animal Communication Weekend at the Reach Out Ranch

Read various students’ experiences of what the weekend meant for them as well as taught them.

Experiencing Anna Twinney do a live animal communication is always mind-blowing – the accuracy is almost surreal, but the messages that come through and the insight that comes with them from the animals are amazing. Anna Twinney is so accomplished at animal communication that I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would ever be able to even make an initial connection with an animal through telepathy. Anna’s animal communication course took us through all the phases and aspects step by step and then put us in our own sessions to try to connect with each other’s animals – multiple times we paired up and were given just basic information. When I reported back to the animals’ person what “came” to me, I was shocked to hear that several of the aspects I “was told” by the animals were validated – things I could not have not known. Some of the messages that the animals sent back to their person through me were life-changing.

Anna took me from ground zero into a world I have never gone before – the world of animal communication. It takes many years and experience to connect anything close to what Anna can do, but I now know it is possible to at least enter that world and where I take it from here is up to me.

Anna Twinney has many courses and also venues – CD’s, DVD’s, and webinars that will provide ample opportunity for me to continue. At the end of the course, I left for home yearning for more.
~Val Israel

I just finished Anna’s Animal Communication class.  Although I have a lot of work to do to deepen my communication, what occurred is life-changing and couldn’t have been experienced any other way.  My dog who passed in 1989 showed up without a doubt and communicated to me through my partner, Lacy.  Even though I have felt a connection with her all these years,  the visual to Lacy and the guidance for my life from Ishna have changed the  direction of my life.  This inspired me to work harder to improve my skills.  Thank you Anna!
~Sally Hall

I’ve been with Anna for a few classes now, and working to learn Animal Communication for a little over a year, never really feeling like I got that much validated, but always learning.

During this class, I realized as everyone introduced themselves, that I hadn’t told folks back home really what I was doing, I was afraid of being thought of as going crazy, or worse. 

That first night, I continued to still not get much on target. So early the next morning, it dawned on me that if I continue to be afraid and fear what others think, I’d never get much; I wouldn’t deserve to. So I released all the fears and doubt as best I could to the universe and to be recycled by the Earth. I also incorporated some things I’d taken away from being with her at the White Stallion AC retreat. 

During a meditation there, I received info that pebbles or rocks would help me with AC, and was taken with the energy work we did, as the horses I worked with balanced my chakras. I found myself getting a set of stones for energy work, chakras, and reiki. This time, I picked out some of them and put them in my pocket on every night but the first one, and asked for help from the stones and the Universe. I had amazing results, unlike any I had ever gotten before. A change of beliefs and assimilating enough information from Anna and her students resulted such a big break through for me.
~Beth, MN

I wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful class on Thursday the 11th thru Sunday the 14th of December.  It was a roller coaster of a ride from emotions to belief systems, connecting with the animals and actually having it validated was awesome.  The group was great, you were great, so full of wonderful information.  What I received  out of it the most, was being able to open my heart once again. Feels great!
Gayna Marie Haus-Smith J

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