We’re excited to announce our FREE 4-part Webinar Series coming this month and in January.  We’ll be covering everything from Natural Horsemanship, Animal Communication, Health and Nutrition and more!

Join Anna and her expert guests LIVE as the cover the topics that you need to know to create health and happiness for you and your animal companions.

We kick it off next Wednesday and Thursday.

Don’t forget, we have limited seating for these free events so don’t wait!  Register now to reserve your spot!

Health, Well-Being and Dynamite for You and Your Animal Companions 

with Anna and Dynamite’s Gold Executive Director Judy Sinner
December 17th, 2014 6 – 8pm

Find Out What You Really Need for Optimal Health for You and Your Animals.

Once again we gather around the fireplace to hear from one of the world’s greatest experts in equine and human (and other animal companions) health and well-being. Gold Executive Director, Judy Sinner of Dynamite Specialty is going to be joining Reach Out to Horses’ own Anna Twinney as they share the secrets to optimal health and what a powerful impact Dynamite can have on your companion.

Judy is a virtual fountain of knowledge when it comes to health, nutrition, and supplementation and you will have access to her for an entire 2 hours for the low, low cost of… FREE!

read more…

Photo by Sharon Mohan
Deepening Your Connection
with All Animals Through
Telepathic Communication

December 18th, 2014 6 – 8pm

Create a Deeper Connection Through Your Animal Communication!
It’s that time of year again, the holiday season, when everyone is enjoying the festivities, wrapping the presents and showing their truly generous side. And for us, there’s no greater joy than sharing the magical and powerful art of Animal Communication.

Especially when we get to give it away for FREE!

Whether you are a veteran Animal Communicator or just starting out, don’t miss this chance to explore just how deep you can go with your inherent gifts as an Animal Communicator.

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