For Immediate Release: Reach Out to Horses® Offers New DVD Release to Mustang Rescues across the U.S.

Whispers from the Wild Ones DVD Set

November 26, 2014 – Denver, CO

Reach Out to Horses® has just released the 2-DVD set, Whispers from the Wild Ones: Mustangs as Our Master Teachers. It is the 10th DVD in the ROTH collection of equine instructional programs.

During the 176 minutes, viewers will experience not only the majestic mustang in its natural habitat but the exclusive Reach Out to Horses’ highly effective training techniques needed to gentle untouched, traumatized, rehabilitated, sensitive, and fractious horses.

Filmed on the iconic lands of Wyoming, Whispers from the Wild Ones walks viewers through the intricate and subtle world of the language of the horse, explaining the crucial differences between mustangs and domestic horses and how, with a true understanding of the language and behavior of the horse, one can create a true, stress-free, trust-based partnership and gentle the wild mustang.

“This is a must for any horseman or horsewoman with a mind to work with the wild ones. Even the experienced hand does not simply gentle a mustang. They are spiritual and earthly beings at the mercy of humans floundering in their attempts to “manage” this truly indigenous North American species. ROTH methodologies honor every aspect of these wild horses and put solutions to their plight in our hands. I highly recommend this… unique experience that cannot be replicated!”
– Sarah Lockwood, Windsor, CA

In the 2-disc set viewers will discover how to:
• Gentle any horse calmly, safely, and without stress
• Discover the value of visualization, energetic connection and body language vs. roping, choking and the use of chutes.
• Build permanent trust and respect between horse and human
• Recognize, capture and work with the whisper of the horse
• Speak the subtleties of the language of the horse
• Encourage horses in the pasture to come to them (no more chasing or catching)
• Read their horse’s character, personality, history, and learning styles and match the training program to their individual needs
• Differentiate between “flooding” and desensitizing
• Use appropriate feel, timing, and pressure/release
• Acknowledge the “try” to encourage and motivate their horses
• Use new tools and aids like the Horseman’s Rope and the Equestrian Education Rope for life-long lessons
• Introduce their horses to the halter, leading, bathing and other skills
• Eliminate biting
• Use water for training
• Fill holes in their horse’s training
• And much more…

In addition to the training program, Founder Anna Twinney and ROTH remain committed to ending the captivity and suffering of over 50,000 mustang in BLM holding pens, returning them to their lives on the U.S. public lands, as well as helping those who are unable to return. A simple, cost-effective solution to managing the wild horses is within our reach. It is a strategy that could avoid round-ups, bait-trapping, culling, unnecessary distress, death and family break-ups, and may save millions of tax-payer dollars.

It is in that spirit that Anna has decided to create the Donate a DVD program. ROTH with the assistance of many generous donors will be giving away up to 1000 Whispers from the Wild Ones DVD Sets to non-profits and organizations that are committed to the well-being and care of the American Wild Horses and Burros.

“We would prefer to see all the mustangs returned to their families, their herds and their homes, but if that is not possible then we will do all we can to help them and give them a chance at freedom from the unbearable conditions in which they live today.” – Anna Twinney – Founder Reach Out to Horses

Reach Out to Horses was developed with the mission of bringing harmony to horses and humans. In the pursuit of that goal, they have been instrumental in the rescue of hundreds of horses and well over a hundred thousand dollars to the horses and the rescues that we they worked with.

“Although we are very proud of the work we and our partners have done, we do not plan on stopping, or even slowing down, any time soon.”
– Vincent Mancarella – Program Director, ROTH

For more information about the DVD Set, how you can help, obtain a copy for a non-profit or review, contact Vincent at

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