Little Miss – A wonderful mare who needs your help

Little Miss is a beloved mare and mother at Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary who has been going through some severe health problems.  The cost of her vet bills has thus far exceeded $10,000.  Reach Out to Horses is determined to help her out.  Please read through her story and updates and consider helping this wonderful mare and Arizona rescue out.  Spread the word – we can do it!

A few weeks ago ROTH received the following:

We had to take Little Miss up to Gilbert to the Equine Hospital there. She has been ill for some time now with vet visits, etc. The doctor in Gilbert is not sure what is going on but there is a mass below her lung; he cannot tell if it is infection or possible cancer. 

Please send her Reiki healing. 

Her daughter Joy misses her very much here at Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary and we just want her to get healing and head home as soon as possible. 
Thank you!

October 31, 2014

Here is Little Miss at the hospital 2 weeks later. The reiki helped much, not out of the woods, but she looks so much better.

She will be on long term meds and careful care. Her bill is over $10,000.

November 4, 2014

Little Miss came home to Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary yesterday. Her vet bill is very large and she will take weeks of continued care with regular vet visits.

We could really use some help with the bills that are stacking up. Thank you to everyone who already sent in some much-needed funds. Please go to to give; even a little bit counts!


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