3-Day Intuitive Riding Clinic: Through Students’ Eyes

Happy Dog Ranch
Littleton, Colorado 

What was so special about the weekend was experiencing the full/logical and heart felt progression of trust building. It was just perfect.  From starting with the TLC exercises, to doing the obstacle course in hand, and then riding, to the ultimate experience of riding with my eyes closed and trusting Hollywood. The full circle of spending days asking her to trust me (and actually years of asking various horses to trust me), and then to finally let go and ask and trust her to carry me safely in the arena. When I did peek, she had already started to turn the corner before I opened my eyes. I don’t think I had ever gotten the importance of also trusting my horse, so very clearly before this weekend.
Grace Gabrielli

I must say that Anna Twinney’s 3 day Intuitive Riding Clinic in CO was fascinating and amazing and opened up a whole new world of riding with a new aspect of communication with horses while in the saddle. I came out of the clinic a far better rider and and a more effective communicator with my horse. My confidence as a rider was also boosted by what I learned by many things which included using subtle cues between me and my horse.  I learned that one does not need to “argue” with your horse to go on great rides and that using the tools given us there is no longer a need for strong use of the reins or my legs/feet .  I saw people of all experience levels of riding taken to higher levels through many different exercises and learning “tools” which included using energy and telepathy to build trust and a partnership with one’s horse.
We came away with not only a better understanding, but with enhanced and with new riding skills. We also learned practical things to take home and incorporate such as the use of an obstacle course. We learned ways to desensitize and “de-spook” our horses in kind and gentle ways to various things they may encounter on rides. The clinic was full of invaluable lessons that I not only learned, but also became second nature.
~Val Israel

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