The Story of Saga: An Animal Communication Success

The email I received about Saga was dated “on my birthday”.  That was my first clue that Saga should come and live with us.  As silly as it may sound (especially at my age) – the first thought that came to mind – after replying “yes” to the email – was, “I’m getting a pony for my birthday”…   Wow, how many kids in the world have dreamed of saying that!!!  I forwarded the email about Saga to my brother who also lives on my place and has a wonderful relationship with my two horses – that I’ve had for 20 years.


Well, at my age, I figured I can make it happen because I don’t have to ask permission from anyone!  It was so much fun to go around the office and tell people “I’m getting a pony for my birthday”!!  Then I would tell them about Saga and invite them to come out and visit him.  Many of them have already come out to visit my two Paso Finos.  I love teaching both children and adults about horses – it’s like “magic fairy dust” – it changes them forever.  The response from my friends and family overwhelmingly confirmed I had made a great decision! 


My “deep down inspiration” for saying “yes” to Saga, is something that has been brewing for most of my life.  It is the story of Black Beauty.   Horses work so hard to please their people.  They are great companions and provide such wonderful therapy (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually).  They do so much for us – they deserve to have a “retirement plan”.   The photo in the flyer about Saga said “I’m unique – wanna be my friend”?


I am lucky enough to have watched my grandpa farm with horses – “Babe and Dolly” were his Belgian team.  My grandpa passed his love for horses on to us – allowing us to go in the barn and visit the team while they were on break in the middle of the day – allowing us to reach up and pet those velvet soft noses while grandpa ate the lunch we brought out to the field – and best of all – allowing us to ride alongside him, on the hay rake, as he worked.  That’s what started a life-long love for horses.  Unfortunately, Babe and Dolly were eventually no longer available for lease and my grandpa reluctantly started using his new tractor that had been sitting in the shed.


My biggest regret was selling my 4-H horse, Coke – a half quarter horse, half draft horse – red roan pinto.   She had been my best friend through my Junior High years and won a grand champion ribbon for me in Trail Class.  As in the story of Black Beauty – I saw the homes and owners she had and where she ended up…  It broke my heart.  I thought I was giving someone else a chance to have the same experience with her that I did.  But, the new girl didn’t spend time with Coke like I did.  Due to a severe cold snap and frozen water pipes, we had to temporarily move during the winter.  We “wintered” at the farm next to where Coke was living, so I thought I might walk over and visit her sometime.  One day, while washing dishes, I had the feeling that someone was at the door.  I hadn’t heard a car drive up but there was something telling me to “go to the door – someone is waiting for you”.   I got the “biggest” surprise when I looked out the door and there stood Coke!  She had no halter, so I knew she had escaped from the pasture to come and see me – perhaps the familiar laughter of my siblings playing outside had drawn her attention.  I looked in her face and I could tell she was saying “where have you been – I’ve been waiting for you”.   I wish I would have asked my mom and dad to buy her back immediately…


I’ve sold one Paso Fino colt, outside my family and my brother and I helped sell my sister’s Paso Fino herd.  As a family, we helped my sister place her last mare with the last colt, with a lady who had rescued my sister’s grand champion stallion/made gelding by his new owner.  The lady had plans to start a Paso Fino herd with that colt – the last colt from that champion sire…   I kept in touch via email with the owners of each of the Paso Finos – making sure I knew they were in good homes with good futures.  Receiving photos and updates from the new owners was so wonderful.


Saga… “is Babe and Dolly”…

Saga… “is Black Beauty”….

Saga… “is “Coke”….

Saga… “is all those Paso Finos”

Saga… is appropriately named and has captured my heart forever. 

 ~Danette Swanson

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