The Comprehensive Foal Gentling: Daily Diary

Friends of Horses Rescue, Centennial, CO
September 8-13, 2014

It’s fabulous to have the opportunity to make a lasting positive difference in all of these foals’ lives. The gentle and effective methods that Anna Twinney gives to the foals and to us brings out the very best in horses and in us, their human friends. It’s an honor and a huge pleasure to be part this.
~Mary Ehrgood

Day 1:

Huddled together with a body score of 2 our foals will now receive the care they need. They have been rescued from a terrible fate. It’s time for our ROTH team and Friends of Horses to kick into action.

~Anna Twinney

These little babies will break and warm your heart in the same moment.   

~Katie Dixon





This week I will be working with a little filly I have named “Sooner” in Anna Twinney’s Foal Gentling Course. Some of these babies are sick, they have been pulled away from their mothers ~~ their story is heart breaking. But we will work and play with them and our intention is to give them a better feeling about 2-legged’s and a chance for a better life. They deserve it.

~Annette Price


Day 2:

Much progress made today with these sweet babies! Many wore horseman’s’ ropes, halters, did TLC and baby steps, and vet prep!

~Katie Dixon

Major is introduced to the Horsemans' Rope: ROTH Foal Gentling, September 2014

Bill introduces Major to the horsemans’ rope – highlight of the day!


Day 3:

 As the foals became more accustomed to people, the students began work with the halter and some of them even were led for the first time!
Hermes' First Following Experience: ROTH Foal Gentling 2014
Hermes learns how to follow Vin for the very first time.


Day 4:
The foals were introduced to blankets, began to learn how to lift their feet for the students, as well as continued to work with halters and the concept of following.  Look how trusting many of them are after just a few days!

Look how adorable Sooner looks in her new halter and by the end of the day, she was totally styling in a matching blanket!!  

 What a difference a day has made in these young babies lives. We have touched all ten babies and many have had their halters on and passed “vet” prep today. Sooner is beginning to understand leading, and all of Anna’s TLC exercises. Tomorrow we will work on picking up her feet and getting her ready for her first farrier ~ she has a good head and learns quickly. I am in Love ~ and I want to bring her home {*.*}

~Annette Price


Day 5:

Talk about complete body work day!  The foals received their first pedicures from farrier Jim Rea as well as cold laser therapy and chiropractic from Jim and Molly Campbell.  Thank you for your help!

  Anna told us that it is an honor when a horse is comfortable enough first to eat in your presence, and then trusting enough to lie down in your presence. I am not sure if the eating counts as they are all malnourished, but the lying down happened today ……… Day 5. We were blessed.

~Annette Price

Day 6: Graduation Day!
The foals and students showed off their skills!  Bathing, trailer-loading, obstacle course, oh my!  From the huddling little group of unwanted creatures to the trusting and adopted individuals they have become, the foals have come a long way.

So very proud of our young foals at Friends of Horses Rescue & Adoption as they embark on a new journey of their lives. Some a body scale 2 and some close to 2 months of age. Our ROTH gentling program has been a huge success and includes:
* Creating a successful training environment
* Approaches & first touches
* Hand grooming & grooming
* Doctoring and vital signs, including vet visit
* Baby steps
* Desensitizing to towels & pads
* Picking up feet

First outing: ROTH Foal Gentling Event, September 2014

All 10 of the foals this year were adopted!  Record-breaking for the ROTH foal gentling program!  Sincere congratulations to the 6 ROTH students who gave a foal a chance at life!

William Pelkey was adopted by Major!

He was a sensitive, scared little guy when I first met him last Monday. Slowly but surely we made friends, and his slowly increasing trust made me realize this little four month old feedlot foal needed a home with me.

So, on my birthday this past Saturday (the 13th) my wonderful wife and partner of nearly 40 years, Charlotte , ponied up the adoption fee so he could own my heart.

His name is Major, and he will be sharing space with his buddy, Hermes at Anna and Vin’s place for a while as he grows up. Welcome to the herd, Major, and I can hardly wait for you to meet your big brother, Captain the Morstang.

~Bill Pelkey

 Clea Hall-Smith was adopted by Orion!


Christina Stinchcomb was adopted by Sasha!

The clarity has manifested…My answer is YES.  Sasha’s home is with me and all that I am, have and do.

~Christina Stinchcomb, CO

Sasha Adopts Christina Stinchcomb


Vincent Mancarella was adopted by Hermes!

Hermes Adopts Vincent Mancarella during the ROTH Foal Gentling Event


With the help of Grace Gabrielli, Laurent Nicault was adopted by Dakota and Phoenix!

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