Reach Out to Horses & Friends of Horses Team-Up to Save Slaughter-Bound Foals

Reach Out to Horses, in partnership with Friends of Horses Rescue and Adoption, Centennial, CO began their annual Week of Foal Gentling program on September 8, 2014.

ROTH and FOHRAA rescued 10 foals from the feedlot to give them a chance at a new life.

The rescued foals will be available for adoption on Saturday, September 13, 4pm, at Friends of Horses Rescue and Adoption.

During this week long event, Anna will guide participants and auditors through her exclusive foal gentling process, introducing the foals to first touch, halter, leading, loading and lots more, in a non-stress, compassionate and effective way!  The training they receive is priceless and a crucial step to these young horses getting adopted to the right forever homes and having that second chance at life.

By the end of the week many of the foals are fully gentled and ready to take the next step with a new adopted family.

On Saturday, September 13, at 4pm, the participants of the gentling week will show the foals to an open house for the general public.

4 of the 10 horses have already been adopted but the remaining 6 are still looking for homes and will be ready for adoption.

Did you know?

It is illegal to send a foal under 6 months of age to horse slaughter. However, foals from one day to six months old, are being skinned and sold for high-end leather.  Others who aren’t rescued are sent to slaughterhouses.  These foals have no chance at life from the start. Their meat is considered a delicacy in some countries.  Horrifically, some countries actually believe that if a foal is skinned while it is still alive the meat will be more tender.

“By gentling the foals and introducing them to humans it is our intention to make the better candidates for adoption. It is too easy to just throw these horses away like unwanted refuse. It is our hope to show the world just how valuable they are and help them find their way to new life.”

– Anna Twinney, Founder of Reach Out to Horses

Reach Out to Horses was developed with the mission of bringing harmony to horses and humans.  For more than a decade, ROTH has been instrumental in the rescue and rehoming of hundreds of horses and well hundreds of thousands of dollars to the horses and the rescues with which they worked.

Friends of Horses Rescue and Adoption – With over 150 horses currently being cared for, FOHRAA is a 501 C 3 non-profit charitable organization located in Centennial, Colorado since 2001.  FOHRAA is dedicated to rescuing good horses and adopting them to good homes, therapeutic riding and community service.

For more information contact Vincent Mancarella at or Bill Stiffler at 303-649-1155.


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