Anna is coming to the Chicago area for the first time!

In case you haven’t heard the news, I’m excited to announce that this October I will be visiting the beautiful Soulful Prairies in Woodstock, IL.  I will be there for 4 days of trust-based horsemanship.   This is my first time in the Chicago area and I can’t wait to meet all the friendly folks from the great state of Illinois.  I hope you will join me as we continue to spread the word of what is possible when you give your horse a voice.

Hope to see you there,

Come and experience the next generation of horsemanship and learn how to create a genuine partnership with your horse. 

 The Holistic Horse Day
October 3, 2014
Soulful Prairies
Woodstock, IL

 Spend the Day Learning the Foundations of the Most Unique and Comprehensive Equine Training Program in the World!
Through demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on exercises, you will explore the very same techniques that Anna has used, all around the world, to build genuine trust-based partnerships with thousands of horses.

Part I – “De-Mystify the Round Pen”
Witness the effectiveness of the Round Pen. Experience a language that goes beyond body gestures, and create a lexicon that can be used in and out of the Round Pen.
Part II – “Muscle Testing”  Identify what your horse needs to be  
happy, healthy & whole.

Part III – “Animal Communication”  Discover the world of Inter-species Communication.


2 Day Natural Horsemanship Clinic

Auditing Spots Still Available

October 4th-5th, 2014

Reach Out to Horses is the most unique and comprehensive equine training program in the world and during these full, hands-on, info-packed 2-days you will find out why!

 Anna will introduce you to some of the most important elements in creating a trust-based relationship and training program with your horse and getting the results you’ve always wanted but haven’t necessarily been able to achieve.

Saturday, October 5, 2014 – 9:00AM-6:00PM
Overcoming Obstacles at Liberty
We aren’t going to waste any time!  On the first day you are “jumping into the deep end” of equine communication!  The obstacle course is one of the most effective tools in horsemanship and you will join your equine partner at liberty.  That means no whips, no lines, no nuthin’!  You will learn how to communication effectively with your horse, truly gaining the partnership and connection needed for anything you do with your horse.  

 The obstacle courses can be extremely valuable but is rarely used correctly if at all. Working an obstacle course at liberty teaches communication, timing and the use of projecting and absorbing energy.  Communication is the key to success on the ground and in the saddle and through the liberty work you will begin to open doors to bring about changes in both you and your horse.

Sunday, October 6, 2014 – 9:00AM-6:00PM 

The Art of Stress-Free Spook-Busting
These techniques are designed for anyone and for every horse.  From working with a green horse to trail riding and show ring activities, right through to working with the well-seasoned dressage horse, show-jumper, western pleasure or in general performance; you will find the solutions you need here.

 And the best part… it is all done without stress, fear, dominance, flooding or anxiety.

 As your horse’s partner, Anna will show you how to help you work with your horse, gaining trust while making your horse bomb-proof!


Private Sessions with Anna
Monday, October 6, 2014

Only a Few Spaces Left! 


Whether it is your most difficult horsemanship challenge, improving your riding, connecting with your Animal Companion through an Animal Communication Session, or more, here’s your chance to work one-on-one with Anna.

These sessions will fill up fast so don’t wait!  Make your reservation now!

For more information or to reserve your spot, contact Linda Bruce by phone at 847-366-6743 or email at

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