For Immediate Release: Reach Out to Horses’ Untouched Horse Program Assists the Release of Mustangs in Wyoming Holding Pens

August 18, 2014 – Cody, WY

Reach Out to Horses, in partnership with Friends of a Legacy (Cody, WY) and the Bureau of Land Management will begin their annual Reach Out to the Untouched Horse weeklong program on August 25, 2014. During the 7-day program, 10 mustangs are removed from the BLM holding pens and given a second chance at life.

“When I go down to the BLM Rock Springs holding facility I will see over 800 mustangs, crowded into pens, waiting to be adopted – just heartbreaking – which is why I’m so committed to finding adopters for at least some of them. I can personally say that the trust, bond, and partnership that grows when working with a mustang is pure magic!”
– Michaele Dimock, Cody WY

Reach Out to the Untouched Horse is a very specific program designed to work with the specific needs, abilities, and character unique to the mustang. The participants will engage in hands-on, one-on-one work gentling the untouched horses in a stress-free, gentle and genuine trust-based environment. Using these customized methodologies, the group will prepare all the horses for adoption.

Over the course of 7 days the horses will be trained to:
• First touch and grooming
• First halter and preliminary leading
• Intro to pads, blankets, grooming tools
• Picking up feet / Farrier prep
• Yielding, backing, and head drops
• In-hand obstacle course
• Communication between horse and human
• And more…

They will remain in the care of private organizations or individuals until the right adoption home can be found for them. In some cases, they have even been adopted by rescue organizations and allowed to return to the freedom of the open range.

“We would prefer to see all the mustangs returned to their families, their herds and their homes, but if that is not possible then we will do all we can to help them and give them a chance at freedom from the unbearable conditions in which they live today.” – Anna Twinney – Founder Reach Out to Horses

Reach Out to Horses was developed with the mission of bringing harmony to horses and humans. In the pursuit of that goal, they have been instrumental in the rescue of hundreds of horses and well over a hundred thousand dollars to the horses and the rescues that we they worked with.

“Although we are very proud of the work we and our partners have done, we do not plan on stopping, or even slowing down, any time soon.”
– Vincent Mancarella – Program Director, ROTH

For more information contact Vincent at or Michaele Dimock of Friends of a Legacy at 307-587-7358.

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