Pregnant Mare Rescue ~ End of Summer News & Updates

See what’s going on with this amazing rescue!  The season is changing, animals are being rescued, and Anna Is Coming To Town!

Pregnant Mare Rescue is a Temporary Sanctuary for the Mare and Foal.

August 9, 2014
The summer season has flown by and we are saying bye bye to the beaches & getting ready for back to school. This year has been full of surprises as I am continually being taken into new and amazing directions. Just as I was ready to relinquish the reins and seek my replacement, the biggest opportunity for the rescue yet has now presented itself. I have been flooded with pleas to make it happen, and so we are giving it our all. I am beyond excited, feeling that drive like never before!!  We are busy keeping the horses cared for as we diligently work toward our new future.
In the meantime we have mouths to feed and our hay prices here in Calif. are skyrocketing. So what does one do? We created a fun photo contest! The theme is “I LOVE you Man!” Enter your favorite photo of your sweetest pet showing the love! To enter is only $5. and voting is only $1.00. The prize is a 2015 calendar featuring the top 13 winners with the top number of votes taking Front Cover honors. If your entry is a rescue horse, there is an additional incentive to win a PMR “Equine Angel~ Rescue Warrior” T-shirt. These awesome shirts cannot be bought! You win one or volunteer for one! Please help us reach our goal of $10,000.Just click on the photocontest image below. I know we can do it! Contest ends 8/24/14 at 8:00PM PST.
Anna Twinney comes to PMR end of September! More on that coming soon!
With Love and Gratitude, ~~Lynn

Read the rest here!


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