The Language of Equus conveyed through Two Horse-Human Conversations

Sophie Peirce

My interpretation of Ruckus’s body language and my interpretation of how Ruckus read my body language.

 Each time a human interacts with a horse, the two are having a conversation. Horses, however interpret our actions in their own language, so for an authentic, respectful and two-way conversation to occur it is important for the human to learn the language of Equus.

This paper explores the language of Equus, using two (of many) interactions and hence conversations I had with the six year old rescued Icelandic gelding Ruckus, as a case study. As horses communicate primarily though body language, the conversations have been presented conveying body language (including positioning, posture and movement of shoulders, hips, limbs, ears, eyes and feet), elements of heartbeat, intention and feel – together with my human interpretation of what they might mean. Through observing our body language and reflecting on what it communicated, I have been able learn a little about Ruckus’ personality and learning style, which if I was to continuing working with him, would help me tailor experiences and lessons in ways to set him up for success, by building trust and bringing out the best in him without dominance.

Read the full experience by following the link below:

Sophie – Equine Psychology Project

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