Experience the Majesty of the Mustang first hand! Final call.

Introduce a Wild Horse to Humans,  untouched-2


We’ve been talking about it for months but we are only a couple of weeks away now and we’ve only got 1 spot left! 

So it’s time to join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

Would you like the opportunity to be the first human contact for a wild horse?

You have the ability to change the lives of a group of BLM mustangs.  Be a part of their future by participating in the Reach Out to the Untouched Horse adventure. 

For several years now Reach Out to Horses, with the help of our good friend (and ROTH student Instructor) Michaele, F.O.A.L. and some good folks at the BLM (yes, there are some very good, hard working folks at the the BLM) has been doing their part to help the plight of the captive mustangs.

Every year, we pull a number of mustangs out of the holding pens of the BLM, introduce them to the world of humans, and adopt them to new homes.

Not just any training.  We use the tested and highly effective, gentle, trust-based methodologies Anna has developed specifically to work with mustangs and untouched horses.  These methods are also great for working with spooky horses, traumatized horses, young horses, and many more.

And not just any homes.  We do our best to make sure the horses will be well taken care of and that it is the right fit for both horse and human.

We, of course, would prefer these horses be returned to their homes on the range, and we continue to fight to give them their freedom back.  But until that day, we will do our best to help the horses anyway we can.

And you can help too.  You have the opportunity to adopt these mustangs upon completion of the program.

Experience the majesty of working with these incredible symbols of freedom!  There is nothing quite like it.

For the horses,

Register Now!


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