4-H’ers learn from renowned horse whisperer

By Molly Ramlet, 4-H Club Reporter

Equine Specialist Anna Twinney presented a workshop on horse communication to the Bit of Class 4-H club the last week of June. The club hosted Twinney, an internationally-recognized “horse whisperer,” at Sue Sarasin’s barn in Greenwood Village. More than 20 members and guests attended the clinic. Twinney came at the invitation of club member Emily Connaugthon.

“I am very interested in horse communication,” Connaugthon said. “I thought the topic would be good for one of our meetings. We were really lucky to have someone of Ms. Twinney’s stature give us a demonstration.”

Twinney demonstrated both horse whispering and animal communication. She worked in a round pen, one horse at a time, with four horses: Faith, Fashion, Moonlight and Cherokee. Working without a lunge line or lead rope, she first demonstrated horse whispering — establishing non-verbal communication with a horse to gentle and train it. Next, she taught the club members about horse communication, which is the ability to telepathically connect with a being of another species, and literally communicate with them using images, feelings, thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and even mentally projected words.

Check out the Villager Newspaper article details here!

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