Success Through Animal Communication


Anna had a very successful consultation with Finnegan in Arizona. “Finny” wanted his person, Diana, to know where he needed help. Diana called in the vet and Finnegan proved to be a very accurate at communicating his discomfort. 

Heres what Diana learned after the conversation with Anna:

Hi Anna,

I know you wanted an update on how Finnegan is doing so here is the latest:

I contacted a vet here that specializes in acupuncture, Bowen, Applied Kinesioloy and Chiropractic, Integrated with Western Medicine.  His name is Dr. Don Moore.   He did quite an extensive evaluation and for your validation, you were absolutely right on in your reading!  He heard sand and gurgling in the right side back under the rib cage on the flank.  After doing a fecal, he did find some sand. (no parasites) I had a fecal done on him in January but nothing showed up in that one.  I told him about the left side of his mouth and he found there to be some sharp areas and areas where Finny was not able to chew well.  Unfortunately, he believes it might be due to the power floating I had done on him last spring.  His fecal also showed undigested hay.

I have called the Healing Touch program to see if I can delay attending this weekend so I can so I can administer a Metamucil treatment and watch him closely over the next week.  I have also contacted a dental specialist in Arizona by the name of Phil Ratliff of Rite Bite Equine Dentistry to have him come and work on Finnegan when he’s in the area.

I can’t thank you enough for your clear and thorough reading!  The vet thinks Finny could be “the perfect storm” horse with sand and teeth problems and we may have avoided a serious colic with your help.

Many blessings,



Thanks for the update, Diana. We are all thrilled here at ROTH that it worked out for the two of you!


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