AC (not air conditioning)

AnnaWYSkyAs you probably know, I do animal communication consultations on a regular basis, as well as teach others how to do what I do.

But, did you know that in addition to solving problems between an animal and caregiver, or negotiating behavior changes, animal communication can lead you on a path of self discovery and healing?

I can’t tell you how many times during a consultation the animal shared some profound insight meant for me. These moments are very special, and often come just when I need them most.

If you haven’t already, you’ll soon see that the first time you make that heartfelt connection and communicate with an animal, your life will NEVER be the same.


And, each time you telepathically “talk” with the animals, you may be given a word or concept which either heals one of your own aging wounds, or helps you through some block in your own journey of self-development.

I would very much like you to have the same experiences as I have. That’s why I’m offering “Animal Communication: A Healing Journey” as a webinar.


On January 14th, and each Tuesday through February 18th, you can join me and some very special guest presenters to start or renew your journey of healing and self-development through animal communication.

This is an ADVANCED seminar, and I recommend you have attended both the 2012 and 2013 webinars in the series, or thoroughly studied the CD series, “Animal Communication – The Real Deal.” But, if you haven’t, you’ll still learn plenty to help you along. So, don’t let it stop you if you didn’t attend the previous ones.

Right about now, you’re probably wondering what this will cost, right? First, though, I have to tell you that there a limited number of lines available for this webinar, and I expect them to be taken up fast.

This webinar series is priced at $297, but if you register and pay by January 12th, you’ll save $150!!!

Your ENTIRE cost will only be $147.

With limited seats and a HUGE SAVINGS, make sure you don’t miss out on either, or both. Just click the button below and join us, would you?


And, there’s no reason not to register, even if you think you may miss one or more sessions, because EVERY SINGLE session will be available for replay at your convenience or you will be able to download the ENTIRE SERIES audio files to listen to at their leisure!

But, that’s not all. Not only will you be getting my first-hand experience to help you along, but the following good friends will be joining us:

•Vincent Mancarella

•Tracy Vroom

•Kate Solisti

•Linda Tellington-Jones

•Carol Gurney

•Judy Sinner

Each will be sharing tips and insights to help lead you on your journey through animal communication.

It’s going to be a jam-packed, fast-paced series, and I’d hate for you to miss out. I’m eagerly looking forward to you showing up!


Happy trails,


P.S.-And don’t forget – If you register and pay by January 12th, you’ll save $150!!!

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