Animal Communication Weekend Event, Windermere, Lake District

with International Animal Communicator Anna Twinney

30 May – 1 June, 2014

A Life Changing Experience for You 

and Your Animal Companions

Animal Communication, also known as interspecies communication is the ability to telepathically connect with a being of another species and literally communicate with them using images, feelings, thoughts, emotions and even words.  It is a great tool to speak with your animal, strengthen the bond between the two of you and to connect with your companion to truly understand them.

But many don’t realize how powerful this tool can be.

Spend the weekend in the Lake District with Anna and find out how you can use animal communication to not only transform your relationship with your companions but discover how to use your inherent gifts to telepathically connect and communicate with all animals.

Through demonstrations, lectures, and lots of hands-on exercises, Anna will share her experience and knowledge to help you go deeper perhaps than you ever have into the world of animal communication or  even into your relationship with your Animal Companion.

During this event you will explore:


Friday Night, May 30- An Evening of Animal Communication 

If you have never experienced Animal Communication or even if you need a quick refresher, the Friday Night evening is for you.  Anna will go over the basics of this powerful ability, how you can reconnect with this gift and use it to communicate with your animal companions.  She will cover how it works, what it is, its many uses, do’s and don’ts and lots more.  The perfect place to start if you are just beginning.

Saturday, May 30 – Animals Communication for Behavior Modification, Negotiations, Personal Reflections and Blockage Clearing. 

One of the most common questions Anna gets is “Can’t you just tell my animal to…” Well, for you parents out there, have you ever tried to just tell your kids to do something? Just because you say it doesn’t mean they will listen. Whether it be physical aggression, fear, mental or emotional anxiety, disobedience, or any one of the list of issues she sees, Anna regularly uses animal communication to address, aleviate and even solve some of the toughest issues.

On day 1 of the Animal Communication weekend, she will show you how you can use this heart to heart connection to solve your toughest behavioral patterns. It isn’t as easy as telling your companion to stop. You must understand why they do what they do, where the behavior began, what they are saying and needing and more, and how you can address your companion to create a win-win situation for everyone.

If that isn’t enough, she will also reveal how your animal companions can reveal aspects, issues and more about you. That’s right… often our companions mirror us and you will uncover how you can take this gift and enhance your own life. In addition she will teach you how to use animal communication to assist with clearing energy blocks for your animal.

And that’s only day one!


Sunday, September 22 – Animals in Transition 

One of the most painful experiences for people with Animal Companions can be the time of transition. Although we never want our companions to leave us, it is a natural part of life and, just as we do with our human family and friends, we can assist our animals during this time as well.


Through the gift of Animal Communication we are truly capable of talking to our companions, finding out what their needs and wishes are, and helping them to make their transition with peace, closure, grace, and love.

Covered on this day will be:

  • Preparing Your Animal to Cross Over
  • Easing Your Animal’s Transition Through
  • Different Alternative Healing Modalities
  • Helping to Make Their Final Wishes a Reality
  • Uncovering Where, When and How They Wish to Pass
  • Connecting to Your Animal Companion After the Transition
  • Reincarnation and the Possibility of Another Chance

and Lots More…

If you really want to experience what is truly possible with animal communication or if you want to take your skills to the next level, this weekend is definitely for you.


Anna wants to make sure you have as much support to succeed on the road to animal communication as possible. So she is offering a bonus package never before offered.

A package valued at over £450. FREE. 

If you sign up for this extraordinary weekend event by April 1st, you will not only join Anna for this 3-day weekend workshop, you will also receive:

– Instant Access to Anna’s previously recorded 6-part webinar series – Animal Communication: The Real Deal

– Instant Access to Anna’s second previously recorded 6-part webinar series – Animal Communication: Just a Belief Away

– A special coupon to access Anna’s upcoming $297 third 6-part Animal Communication webinar series for only $147.

That is over 45 hours of additional training in this heart to heart art. Furthermore, the first 2 webinars are no longer available, but you will have access to them immediately, as soon as you register for your spot.

Space is limited so don’t delay. Reserve your spot today.

Get all the Details and Sign up Now!

A minimum number of 15 participants is required for the event.  Although we are expecting to reach the required number, in the event that doesn’t occur, a full refund will be given.  All bonus material will be yours to keep regardless if the weekend is cancelled.



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