We’ve Extended the Early Bird Special for the Holistice Horsemanship Webinar!

What do Frank Bell, Extension and Free Special Bonus have in common?

The Holistic Horsemanship Webinar Series!

That’s right! First of all we are thrilled to announce that International Horse Whisperer, Frank Bell is joining the line up. He will be sharing his expertise with us as he and Anna discuss intuitive riding on the final session.

We’re also excited to announce an extension on the early bird special pricing. So if you haven’t signed up yet, then now is the time. We are extending the early bird special pricing of $147 until Tuesday, December 10th.

And we are pulling out all the stops with a very special bonus for everyone who signs up by the 10th.

If you register by Tuesday December 10th, you will also receive access to the newly released Insights Into Holistic Horsemanship webinar series FREE!

That is over 13 hours of additional material at no charge to you. To take advantange of this special bonus you must register by Tuesday, December 10th!

But what if I’ve already reserved my spot for this upcoming webinar series?

Not a problem. You will be receiving an email with all the details you need to access the Insights into Holistic Horsemanship audio download series, FREE!

But what if I’ve already purchased the Insights into Holistic Horsemanship Webinar Download Series?

No worries. If you’ve already bought the webinar series audio downloads we will refund you the full cost of that purchase once you register for this upcoming series.

Another question we’ve been getting a lot is, “What if I can’t make the live sessions?”

Don’t even give it a second thought. Everything will be recorded and available for you to enjoy at your leisure at NO EXTRA CHARGE! So whether it is a time zone problem, or you’re just too busy to make it to the live sessions, you won’t miss a thing! You can listen to the recorded session, save the audio copy to your computer and listen to them on your computer, tablet or favorite MP3 player.


“What’s going to be covered?” you ask?

Well, for starters, you’ll learn directly from Linda Tellington-Jones how to identify your horse’s role and character, both through physical characteristics and their response to certain exercises.

Those who’ve taken my Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Course know that understanding how your horse learns and what motivates them takes much of the guesswork out, and minimizes trial and error.

This will be a ONE OF A KIND webinar, at an unbelievably LOW COST to you. For the entire series, as long as you register by Tuesday, December 10th, your cost is the time you invest and $147! After that, tuition increases to $297. And don’t forget the Special Early Bird Bonus Program.


Join us on the calls to take your knowledge of holistic and natural horsemanship to the next level!

Happy trails,


P.S.-Think you REALLY KNOW your horse? Don’t miss the very first session of the webinar. We’re starting out with a BANG!!!


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