Three New Videos from the still Wild West.

1. The Untouched Horse Clinic took feild trips to see the Mustangs where they belong. 

Wild horses in the wild West! Allow your heart to be filled up as you watch a number of horse bands interact, communicate and connect in the McCullough Peaks and the Pryor Mountains of WY

2. The first howdy! Such an important part of gentling, or even getting to know someone new.

If the most important piece of authentic leadership includes “awareness”, then lets begin with capturing the horse’s very first acknowledgement. Let the horses know that you “speak” their language! Their eyes are truly the window to the soul and your intentions and thoughts are equally captured in your eyes. Learn to read your horses’ different expressions and start your relationship by listening to your horses’ whisper. Give yourself permission to take the time that is needed to create the relationship your heart yearns to have. Take words out of the equation and return to wholeness through your own body language awareness.

3. Moving through oil with water. Water without flooding. Some times, only a handlful in Anna’s career, a horse can be helped with a hose and some water.

Anna is known around the World for her expertise in gentling wild horses through communication. Throughout her horsemanship career in the UK and the USA Anna noticed just how valuable bathing horses was. Not just for their personal health and hygiene but to gentle to touch and to build trust & confidence in one another. For the FIRST time Anna reveals these unique and original skills on video as she gentles a Paso Fino colt at the wild horse clinic in WY. Watch for proximity, positioning, body posture, water pressure, placement and releases!


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