Can You Heal Your Life with Dowsing?

Join this free webinar on Sept 10 at 2pm pst and find out how you can!

Did you know that most dowsers are more interested in using dowsing for health than any other subject? But they also say they wish they could be more effective. Does this sound like you?

The good news is that the other day, my colleagues Nigel & Maggie Percy were telling me about a free event they are hosting online on September 10th. It’s a webinar called “Heal Your Life with Dowsing”, and it tells you how to overcome the top 5 blocks to becoming a great health dowser.

Maggie & Nigel are the founders of the Dowsing World Summit, the biggest online dowsing event ever held. Health dowsing is a specialty of theirs, and they love to share their gift.

They’d like to help you enjoy the good results they get with dowsing, so that you can use it to overcome challenges in your life.

Is health a priority to you? Would you like to use dowsing to improve it?

You can register for the free event here:

It’s totally free, and you even get some handouts to help you remember key points. Check the page out now and reserve your spot!


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