Horses seek forever homes in Peyton, CO.


This is very hard for me. Most of these horses were either born here or I’ve had them for many years. I have been trying for several years to find good homes for them through friends and word of mouth, but I am running out of time. They are in good condition but I know I will not have the resources to get them all through the winter with hay prices as they are now. These horses have always been treated with kindness and compassion and I pray that I can find them all a safe place to be.

I have had a very hard time letting the horses go to be honest. I am very fearful about where they will end up because I love them like family. I have them listed on my website now with adoption prices which will include vaccinations, worming, farrier, health certificate and dental if needed. My main concern is to find them good homes where they will be loved and respected. I am asking for an application and adoption agreement from anyone interested in one of the horses. There are click throughs on the main page of the website to FaceBook and Flickr pages where they will find tons of photos that show not only the horses but how they have been raised as well. this is the link to the website

Thank you again,

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