Good News!

As always seems to happen in this crazy world, the word impossible is shown to simply mean “not available”… yet.

If you were wanting to join us for the incomparable
Reach Out to the Untouched Horse Event this summer in Wyoming,



But if history is any indication, they won’t last long. So if you want to experience the world of the iconic American Mustang and how it can change your horsemanship and your life, don’t delay.

Join us as a participant or as an auditor. You will never see horses, or the world, the same way again.

Anna and the whole Reach Out Team!

Reach Out to the Untouched Horse

August 12th – 18th, 2013
Cody, WY

Do you really know how to communicate with your equine companion?

I don’t mean giving them physical cues so they’ll do what you ask. I mean true communication…

Let Anna guide you through the world of the untouched horse and the language of Equus. Enter the magical domain of the wild horse and begin to understand their communication in the natural world.

Over the course of 7 days you will discover how the natural horse communicates, herd dynamics, develop a bond through building a trust-based relationship and more. You will begin the training process and socialize a group of untouched horses that have come to the class needing and deserving a second chance.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the majestic American Mustang in their natural environment and witness first-hand the world of the wild horse.

Don’t miss your chance to finally have a relationship with your horse of equality, understanding and respect. A bond between friends that begins with the language of the horse.

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