The word of nurse foals is spreading!

“This is one of the cruelest acts against horses I have had a chance to hear about in a long time.. to let little babies just die for lack of compassion and the dollar bill is deplorable.”
This week we are doing something a little different for our free article this week and we need your help. Please forward this email to everyone you know, post it on your facebook and perhaps finally we can make a difference and no more babies will needlessly be left to die. We need to make as many people as possible aware of what is happening.
This past week we received the following email from one of our readers.

“Our vet, that lives on our farm here, ran across a situation on sunday… A client called to say they had two orphan foals that they wanted him to swing by and see what he could do for them and after they told him what they had ran into at the farm where they came from he was appalled. This was a situation he, as a vet, had never heard of or run into before.. These people had picked up a horse in Oklahoma around the McAlister, Antlers area and came across a sign that said horses for sale so they stopped. They walked through the sale areas and came upon a pen of newborn foals standing around basically in shock. There were about a dozen of them and a man walks up and asks if they want to buy them for $60 each. Of course being horse people they were full of questions as where were the mothers of these foals and why were they all penned up in a filthy pen like they were. Again he said they were for sale and how many did they want. Then they got out of him that these were foals taken away from nurse mares before they were even allowed to suck and cast in this pen to be sold or die.. If some of them were lucky to get a new owner that knew the implications of not getting to nurse the mare and had a good vet they might have a 50/50 chance at survival.. This needs to be addressed, not only because of the babies but the stress on the mares of birth and having foals yanked from them before they know what has even happened is really the cruelest thing I have run across in a while and these people think it is okay to do this. They have no conscience about it at all.. When asked what happens if they don’t sell and get the care needed and the guy said they just die and that’s it.. This man leases these mares for anywhere from $2500 to $5000 a piece. Put me on your petition.” Marilyn Cottar
Dr. H.W. Thompson DVM

Our FREE ARTICLE this week, is a previous article with further information on this issue.

When I first heard of the practice of nurse mares I was shocked. I had absolutely no idea. Further research on the subject showed both sides of the story. Sometimes there is a legitimate need. But with advances in science, we now know that it is no longer necessary to breed and let one foal die so that another can live.
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Please share with your friends, the more people that become aware that this is happening right now, the sooner we can all make a difference.
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We love being part of an extraordinary equestrian community, and this is just one way for us to give back to that community.
Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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