Sherlock Homer hit the Jack Pot!






One of last year’s yearling muctangs from the Reach Out to the Untouched Horse Clinic has found his place in domestic horse heaven. Nestled in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming Sherlock Homer is running on acrage with a large number of horses. The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch is a great place to grow up. Way to go Sherlock! 

Below, enjoy a letter from Peter at the Hideout about how Sherlock has been doing.

It’s so nice to get updates about the horses that touch our lives. Thanks Pete!

IMG_1571Hello there Anna,

Here are 2 pictures of Sherlock or Teppo as we call him around here. One of our hands who was feeding him the first week when we kept him in the corral is nicknamed Teppo himself and because he really liked Sherlock we started to call the horse “Little Teppo”. But we can still call him Sherlock because Teppo in Spanish / Mexican indicates more like being a little “fatto” as Sherlock kept eating and his belly got as round as our Hector’s (who’s nick name is Teppo because of his round belly and who was feeding Sherlock.)

Did I manage to confuse you??

When Tricia called me and mailed me the flyer with the words “I know you guys don’t take yearlings but this one is really so nice, gentle and special” I could not help but drive over and get him. From the moment we picked him up, unloaded him and being around him in the corral he has been just a wonderful horse. He is tall for a mustang but sometimes they grow faster in their first year and remain smaller after that anyway. Sherlock Teppo could be touched everywhere on his body and I could lay on top of him from day one. He did not spook and just looked at me with eyes….Hey I went to a super duper clinic given by one of the best clinicians world wide so I know about that “left and right brain” concept.

So we played with him for about 2 weeks and cut him loose with our other 75 horses amongst which some 14 mustangs that mostly came from the Supreme Extreme and Extreme Mustang Makeover programs. There is also another gruello yearling and a gray bleu 3 year old mustang which are both horses we keep at our place for Erich Proell an Austrian documentary maker who has adopted and brought several mustangs to Austria. He documented it in 3 TV series which aired in Austria just before New Year and will be translated in to other languages. A great 3 serie documentary supporting the mustang cause and of course with Erich being a world renowned documentary maker (both under water = his specialty is shark documentaries) the pictures and footage is just wonderful.

Anyway Sherlock / Teppa stoot his little man in the string after finding (fighting and getting some beatings) in the rest of the herd. Throughout the season he came in every day with the rest of the herd. He grazes today in our winter pastures enjoying a million-dollar view surrounding and will feature most probably with the rest of the horses in the Winter Photoshoot we are doing this week. Some of the photographers are very specialized horse photographers and mustang activists.

Sherlock / Teppo is still easy to approach in the pasture. There is always a slight hesitation to come walk to you or just wait to be approached. A couple times he got naughty and took off with some of the other mustangs who seem to be making it a game to sometimes let themselves easily catch in the pasture and on other days just run off and having fun being chased.

So a couple times Teppo thought he was really being very funny by running away from me. But the second day I decided to take the time and just keep following him where he went in this 67 acre pasture. He ran with the other mustangs but soon enough these other naughty boys understood that as long as little Teppo was with them I kept chasing them and move their feet. So they kicked him out of their little bunch. After this he joined a couple of other playing sub-groups in the herd but they dropped him also. He joined a group of older horses who just stood still as I approached them so he decided that was the easier way for him to do also. So after a while Teppo just stayed there looking at me licking his lips with eyes ” ok I got the message you will not give up and I am tired of running around”.

I approached him, rubbed him and touched him but did not halter him and left him on his own relaxed.

The next day when I went to take the picture his friend with whom he hangs out came to me right away and he came also to have his picture taken and be rubbed. I did not halter him again because I want him to feel welcome and not thing that every time I come to the pasture it is to catch him.

Anyway we will start working some more with him. He is really desensitized and does not get excited.

It is funny how, much like the other gruel-lo yearling of Erich, he sometimes moves like a mule deer jumping bumping with his 4 feed of the ground like the mule deer do.

The gruel lo is even funnier because due to his color and the thick winter coat he looks like a big baby mule deer already, so especially when he moves like a mule deer ha ha.

Hope this works,


PS: We have our new website up at IMG_1578


We couldn’t dream up a better place for such a special soul! Proud of you, little Teppo!

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