Holistic Horse Day with Anna Twinney in Denmark and Germany

Saturday April 6 – Switzerland (FIRST TIME)
Tuesday May 14 – Hesteliv, Denmark
Thursday May 23 – Steinhagen, Germany

Spend the Day Learning the Foundations of the Most Unique and Comprehensive Equine Training Program in the World!

Through demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on exercises, you will explore the very same techniques that Anna has used, all around the world, to build genuine trust-based partnerships with thousands of horses.

Part I – “De-Mystify the Round Pen”: Witness the effectiveness of the Round Pen. Experience a language that goes beyond body gestures, and create a lexicon that can be used in and out of the Round Pen.
Part II – “Muscle Testing”: Identify what your horse needs to be
happy, healthy & whole.
Part III – “Animal Communication”: Discover the world of Interspecies Communication.

For more information or to reserve your spot contact:
Switzerland – Melanie, Melanie.Hugener@orthmann.ch
Hesteliv, Denmark, Regina,Reginahf@ofir.dk
Steinhagen, Germany – Doro, doro.schlumpf@gmx.de

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