Below is a summary of the Spirit Of Equus Rescue’s noble work.

Thank you, Janet and Spirit Team, for all that you do!

Hello Friends in Horses:

I thought I would stop and look back at the positive contributions the Rescue has made to a better life for horses and their guardians (as well as dogs and cats through our energywork.) Thanks to you, our donors and supporters, we were able to do this work!

While these numbers do not tell the stories of the survivors which is much more important to us, they do give us a sense of what has transpired over the past 10 years.  Even though we are small we have made a difference.  If we had saved only one life — we would have made a difference.

Residents of the Rescue proper (2002-present): Total: 11

Cinnamon (transitioned in 2002)

Cisco (transitioned in 2012)

Mistanni (transitioned in 2007)





Tango (transitioned in 2012)

Tawni (born at our sanctuary in 2007)

Ebony Star (Bonni) (adopted in 2007)

Lying Eyes (adopted in 2005)

From the above horses ~ Number of PMU horses:5               Number of retiring horses: 3

Additional Horses We Cared For (Boarded): Total 4

Resident of our Healing Unit:  Spirit    Total: 1

Facilitated adoption of slaughter-bound horses from the Fallon Holding Facility-through our rescue: Whitey, Sahara, Violet and 3 additional foals: Total:  6

Direct Support for Starving Horses

Freckles (of Hesperia ~ 2010-2011- 30yo gelding; fed for 3 months through rescue donors. Full recovery.

Herd of draft horses in Reedley, CA  (brought hay to help feed until sold/relocated to Twin Oaks). 

Placement Assistance  (Unknown)

Through our internet network….this one is impossible to calculate….we have no idea how many horses were saved through the interactivity of people on the web that went through us……I don’t keep track of the hundreds of emails I have sent for this purpose. The latest one that was successful:

3 Arabian mares from 29 Palms- adopted out to good homes.

EnergyScan Recipients (2010 to present) – many of these clients receive/received multiple scans over time. Our horses are scanned daily for feed/supplements/ailments.

Number of Horses served: TOTAL: 28

Number of dogs served:  16

Number of cats served:  6

Humans served by our energyscans (several are continuing clients):  17

Thanks to all of you who made this possible!

For the horses,

Janet L. Meyer Ph.D., EBW
Spirit of Equus Rescue (photos)
760-596-7101 Cell
Apple Valley, CA


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