The ROTH Horsemanship Modular Certification Course Returns!

The Comprehensive Holistic Horsemanship Modular Certification Course.

Take Your Skills To a Whole New Level Through the Art of Holistic Horsemanship.

Join us for the final Modular Course

and spend 2013 with Anna in Colorado

and the ultimate training program.

Whether your goal is to develop solid, well-rounded skills in your own private horsemanship or to become a respected expert in the equine industry, the Reach Out to Horses® Holistic Horsemanship Certification Course is for you. This comprehensive, modular course is the perfect starting point for equine enthusiasts, potential horse guardians, instructors, trainers, managers, those working in the equine industry and even those seeking to become professional trainers and clinicians.

Over the course of 6 weekends, you will participate in one of the most intensive courses in horsemanship on the planet, learning the exclusive Reach Out to Horses® Gentle Trust-
Based Methodologies. This is not simply another technique to make your horse “do what it is told.” This unique program will show you how to develop a true relationship with your horse and create a partnership that serves both horse and human.

Create A Genuine, Trust-Based Partnership with Your Horse.

This program has been carefully designed for more than a decade to give you the solid foundation you need to be successful in any discipline of horsemanship. You will learn how to give your horse a voice, to understand the horse’s language, and converse using not only body language (that’s just the beginning) but through many different methods. Topics include: liberty work, round-penning, character and learning style assessment, T.LC., ground-driving, leading, loading, catching, team-penning, problem-solving, spook-busting – and that’s just scratching the surface! No previous experience is necessary, only a sincere desire to learn the art of creating a true, trust-based relationship with your horse and getting the consistent results you’ve always dreamed of getting.

If the horses have called to you, if you have a heart-felt desire to make a difference in the world of the horse, let Anna and the entire Reach Out to Horses® Team help you turn that dream into a reality.

For all the exciting details visit

Click this picture to see more of the Modular Course on the ROTH FB page! And then take a look at the other years’!


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