Anna and the Reach Out to Horses’ Team Return Once Again to the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

2012 Poster calmhearts

 March 8th – 10th, 2013                        

Denver, CO 

That’s right!  Join us as Anna shares some amazing insights for the third year in a row.  During her live demonstrations and lectures she will cover everything we teach here are Reach Out to Horses and the how’s and the why’s it applies to your horse! From Energy Work, to Animal Communication, to Anna’s Exclusive Gentle, Trust-Based Reach Out to Horses’ Methodologies, Reiki for Horses and more!

You will get a taste of it all.

And then, after you’ve been thoroughly amazed and inspired, join us at the Reach Out to Horses’ Booth where we’ll have all our courses and merchandise for you to peruse (Including our new Horse Whispering Defined – A Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Experience DVD), ask Anna all your burning questions, and sign up for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

For more information visit


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