ROTH® has three new unique videos on YouTube!

Anna talking to three animals, both long distance and present.

For the first time Anna is sharing her talent of animal communication. Watch as she gives three sessions to two horses and a dog. Hear what the animals’ humans have to say and what the session meant to them.

For the first time during the White Stallion Ranch Retreat in Arizona, Anna Twinney reveals her personal style of telepathic communication with Monty, a Labrador from the East Coast.  A head-shot image of Monty is all that is needed for the two to connect long distance.  By seeing in pictures, feeling Monty’s emotions and physical discomfort and threading in short sentences Anna acts as Monty’s personal messenger for his soul mate.

Anna Twinney reveals the depth of animal communication through a live connection with Wild Cat, a resident at the White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.  Never having met “Cat” before she provides him with a voice in front of the Ranch Retreat participants, wranglers and guests.

An audience gathers at the White Stallion Ranch as Anna demonstrates the wonderful world of Animal Communication with a very special wrangler’s horse chosen from over 100 head of residents at the ranch.  By giving a voice to the voiceless she unravels the mysterious behavior to create a pathway of success.

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