Only 3 days left before we close the holiday doors!

Now that the holidays are officially over we hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that 2013 is a prosperous year filled with fun, love and fulfillment.

  We are excited about this year because we have a lot coming your way.   More about that in another email.

But in the meantime I just wanted to remind you that while all the other holiday shopping specials are over, we are still going strong. 

 So you’ve got a few days left to pick up those favorite items before we close down our holiday specials for the year.

  And don’t forget that Anna’s Animal Communication session rates are going up on January 6th.  So make sure you purchase your sessions now to get them at the 2012 rate.  

Well that’s all everyone.  Have a great year and do lots of good for yourself, the world and of course,  the horses…

Happy New Year!

For the Horses!!!

Anna and Vin

Reach Out to Horses ~ Trust ~ Partnership ~ Results


Now for the deals!

Pre-Order the New Horse Whispering Defined DVD and get a Reach Out to Natural Horsemanship DVD FREE! 

That’s right.  When you pre-order your copy of the brand new Horse Whispering Defined DVD, by January 5th, you can choose 1 Volume of your choice from the popular Reach Out to Natural Horsemanship DVD Series FREE!*

Order your DVD Now!


* Only 1 free DVD per order. 

And check out the other deals in the latest

ROTH® Newsletter!

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