A letter from a friend.

Friends & Family:

My former colleague, Dean Pinto, and his wife, are burying their 6 year old son, Jack, today, because we allow assault rifles to be sold to ordinary citizens — and, in an estimated 40% of cases, without background checks.

The “conversation” — about how to reduce gun violence in our country, including how we better deal with mental illness — will hopefully continue long after the 26 children and teachers and administrators from Newtown, CT are buried.

In the meantime, surely we can urge our elected officials to stand up to the gun lobby — and protect our children and the 34 Americans who are killed every day by guns — by enacting sensible gun legislation.

Today, I signed a petition to the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, and President Barack Obama.

Please consider taking action by signing this petition (link below), or by sending your own letter to your elected officials.


Find your Representative:

Find your Senator:

Thank you.



2 thoughts on “A letter from a friend.

  1. It is not right to disarm me because of some stupid woman who didn’t put her crazy damn son in a nut house and gave him have access even taught the fool to shoot. This attitude to disarm honest people because other stupid and or dishonest idiot people can’t control their friends or off spring and can’t keep their gun safe is totally communist.
    If they take the honest intelligent people’s guns away then only idiot people bad guys will have guns. And I hope the common people who want this legislation to pass will be the first to suffer the consequences. So there, I said it. The big fancy richer than shit celebrities and communist president and politicians will continue to have their armed guards. There again money talks. There will only be poor people and rich people in the socialist society. The middle class will be the poor class.

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