Another Amazing Retreat at White Stallion Ranch, AZ


White Stallion Ranch Animal Communication Retreat

2012 Animal Communication Retreat Participants’ testimonials…

It took a beautiful dapple grey horse named Silverado, who…appeared to reject me, who appeared to shun me and appeared to enjoy nibbling on dry manure, than be in my presence! It was the deep meaning of his actions that gave me the most profound message of my life! On the brilliant and beautiful insights of Anna Twinney could have brought me to this place of self-realization, self-worth and self purpose. Through Anna’s teachings, I was able to begin down my path of animal communication, understanding and sacred gift of their presence and develop my destiny for animal welfare.

I am dedicating the rest of my life to animal rescue, animal well-being and to be the VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS! May God bless you Anna nd keep you with your amazing gift so that you continue to inspire the world for the animals.

Your friend,

Chrissy, CO

What an excellent week of animal communication at the beautiful White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. Anna, your passion is contagious and your wisdom, insight and knowledge continue to inspire me in more ways than you know. Thank you for sharing your marvelous gifts with me.

Pilar Bauta, CT

WOW! And I’m not just talking about the stars in the Arizona sky! The whole class was a Wow!

Life changing to know we have these abilities lying dormant just waiting for us to use them. Anna’s class allows you to tune in to abilities we all have but don’t use. How amazing the feeling is when you realize you CAN do this!

Anna walks you through the process of how to make these connections and how translate the information you receive. All the while, gently pushing your growth each day. The pace of the class is prefect, allowing time to develop your natural abilities and grown in your confidence as well as plenty of personal time to relax, ride through beautiful country and digest all that you are learning. Thank you Anna! For everything!

It was amazing!

Michelle Finkbeiner, CO

Hi Anna,

Just wanted to take some time to soak in the week at White Stallion before sending you this!  Your ability to put people and animals together in a space to teach each other, challenge each  other, and to stretch themselves no longer surprises me!  You are a master at reading people and animals!
That is what continues to draw me to your teachings, knowing I will be challenged and respected.  I also know that I will come away with exactly what I need to get!  

This is most certainly true with our week at the White Stallion!  Being challeneged to adjust my thinking, along with gently pushing the crap out of my life!!!  Thank you to the beautiful mare who contained her spunk to show me calm awareness and partnership!!

Thank you Anna for challenging me and for sharing your wonderful gifts with our class and the animals!  I am forever grateful to call you my mentor and as importantly, my friend!
Susan S

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