Holistic Horse Modular Course Graduates 2012

We had a very successful HHC Modular course this year. Hear what the students have to say about their time with ROTH.

Anna, I am lucky enough to have had many extraordinary adventures all over the world but the Holistic Horsemanship Modular course has blown my mind.  What a transformative, life-changing experience!  To be able to communicate with the horses on so many levels, to see these gorgeous creatures – whose experiences with humans have not always been the best – move from fear to trust, from resistance to willing co-operation as we students grew in confidence, refined our skills and learned to develop the heartfelt connection under your wise, compassionate guidance – it was intense, emotional, joyful, challenging and immensely valuable.  I don’t believe there is another trainer out there who is teaching what you teach or any other course, however comprehensive, that covers so many depths, subtleties and nuances of what it means to be a horseman/woman.   The total commitment and dedication shown by you, Braxton, Elaine and Adam were astounding – there was always someone available to answer questions, clarify a technique.  But it went way beyond all that – into wonderful friendships, stepping into our own power, and making huge growth leaps in our own psyches with new strengths and tools that will impact us in all aspects of our lives. It is so sad to think there will not be another module next month – they have been the anchor and inspiration for most of my year – yet I am excited too knowing this is just the beginning of an awesome journey.

Hope to catch up with you again some time, with luck before the next course.  In the meantime I’d better start using Facebook.

-Lorraine x

This course has been amazing. I learned all that I wanted to and more. The subtle (?) life changes that I experienced were an added bonus that I had not totally expected but were welcome and embraced. I certainly achieved my original goal. A big shout out to hanks to Braxton, Elaine and Adam for all the support they offered to us. Thank you, Anna, for the willingness to take us on this journey to the horses and to ourselves.

-Annette Price

ROTH Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Modular Course has been extremely powerful for me. Not only in taking my horsemanship skills and mindset to a whole new level, but in my personal development as well. Anna has an uncanny ability to read people as keenly as she reads horses. She knows just how to challenge each individual to prompt deep learning and introspection, and increase one’s awareness to overcome personal obstacles.
Anna is a master at matching students with horses to lead to the perfect lesson. The successes in each students ability to apply the methods and achieve positive outcomes in every session is a testament not only to the methodology but to Anna as a teacher. She is a true leader and sets an example as one who is aligned body, mind, and spirit and can be in the present moment like few people I have ever encountered. I am deeply grateful to have had this amazing opportunity and look forward to more in years to come. Braxton, Elaine and Adam were an integral part of the class. Their knowledge, skills and support created the foundation of the Foundation course! Huge heartfelt gratitude to you guys!

-Christina Stinchcomb

As a licensed psychologist and horse owner, I provide equine facilitated psychotherapy as well as traditional psychotherapy. I enrolled in the ROTH Holistic Horsemanship Course to deepen my understanding of the language of equus and gain more skill and experience as a horsewoman. Anna’s immense capacity for understanding and working with horses on every level never ceases to amaze me. She has a unique ability to accurately gauge precisely what each student needs to learn and grow while simultaneously tailoring each lesson to the specific needs of the horse. This Course has far exceeded my expectations and has certainly added fuel to my passion for working with horses. I want to extend heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Anna and her assistants (Braxton, Adam and Elaine) for guiding me further along my path. I know I have come a long way from where I started at the beginning of the Modular Course!

-Jo Brilhart, RN, PsyD

“There is no way to completely express how Anna and the ROTH Holistic Horse Course have changed my life. I am a better person, woman, mother and friend and ultimately a better horsewoman. This truly is a life-changing experience. Horses are communicating with us at every moment we are in contact with them. Wouldn’t you like to know what they are saying? Yes…I definitely would! It is such a wonderful experience to learn their language and ultimately to catch the whisper and connect with them on a deeper level. I am truly blessed to have been a part of this unique experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to understand horses better and ultimately anyone who wants to grow as a person. Horses are my love, and now I can have a true partnership with them. Thank you Anna, Vin and the entire ROTH team. You have helped me in more ways than you know. This is only the beginning…you’re stuck with me now. I’ll see you all again soon.”
Thank you Anna, for everything. You really are stuck with me for the long haul…if you’ll have me. Take care and I’ll see you soon.

-Janet Kindt

ROTH has provided me with the structured program to add to the paradigm shift I have had in my horsemanship. I have noticed enormous progress with our horses at Zuma’s since we have been consistent in incorporating ROTH methods. Anna and the instructors are amazing in their ability to push students past where they believe they can go while providing the support needed and instilling confidence that carries far beyond the arena and class. The horses always have a voice with ROTH; such a refreshing and effective approach to working with these amazing, intelligent beings! Thank you for this amazing opportunity and experience!

-Katie Dixon

The ROTH HHC Modular Course was one of the most comprehensive and impactful things I have ever experienced. Not only was the information complete and in-depth, making me a confident and capable horse handler but the emotional growth I experienced has helped me to overcome life-long patterns of fear and insecurities and helped me to become confident
and proud of myself.
Anna and Braxton as well as Adam and Elaine offered support throughout and the teaching styles of both
Anna and Braxton were powerfully directive yet compassionate. Anna has the unique ability to always allocate the perfect horse for each student’s growth both physically as well as emotionally. More than once tears were
shed for disappointment and then ultimately again for progress and gratitude…sometimes with the same
The growth in each individual student was very noticeable and powerful. Some overcame personal styles of resistance, others of lack of confidence, but everyone emerged a competent horse handler and proud of their
Many new friendships were formed and a community of like-minded women who will stay together for years to come on their ROTH journey was built. I look forward to many more wonderful experiences with these women and men and am thrilled to call them colleagues!
Happy Trails!

-Lauren Munger

“Successfully completing the Reach Out To Horses Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Course was a huge and transformative step in my personal recovery process. Having survived a traumatic brain injury in 2009, I was unsure if I would be able to sustain the physical requirements and, more importantly, have the brain processing speed needed to connect with and keep myself and the horse safe as I worked with the horses. The first weekend of the program was very difficult for me. But I did not give up (and the ROTH staff did not give up on me) and I got stronger and stronger as the course continued. I was able to safely work with every horse assigned to me. When I completed the final weekend of testing and received my certificate of completion I felt that I can now be a positive and successful role model for other brain injury survivors. YES you can recover and continue to follow your dreams. As for me, I am now considering continuing my ROTH education and embarking on the ROTH Trainer program. Thank you Anna for giving me the opportunity to continue in my recovery process and to follow my dreams.

-Terri Mongait

I’m not one of Anna’s best students. I came to her work with a deep love of horses, and some riding experience, but not much more. Anna always supported me, even when I wanted to give up. She never gave up on me. She is patient, and encouraging even if you hit one of those “what am I trying to do” moments. She is an extraordinary teacher. I am now certified in ROTH Natural Horsemanship and can offer so much more to horses than I ever knew was possible. I am deeply grateful for all I’ve learned through Anna and her fantastic, capable staff and teaching assistants.
In joy and gratitude,

-ROTH (Rarely On Time Horsewoman) Grace

The ROTH modular course with Anna and staff has been a journey for me.  When Anna is guiding you, you are able to truly “feel” the horse, the communication and timing.  Like a magic wand.  I have learned more about the horse and myself than I bargained for.  Both Anna’s and the horses teaching have been priceless.  I will us information and skills I have learned each time I meet a horse.

Michelle R Finkbeiner


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