Help horses in the Netherlands by just a lick of your mouse!

Horse Lifestyle reaches out with “Happie Horse Campaign”

(Netherlands, October 31th 2012) – Horse Lifestyle reaches out this fall and launches “Happie Horse Campaign” to raise money for multiple equine related charities.

Because more and more people face financial problems, horses and ponies increasingly end up at horse shelters. Most of these foundations become overcrowded and can no longer accept new horses. They too suffer from the financial crisis and receive less government compensation or no compensation at all, also they are confronted with a decrease in donations. Unfortunately these charities now have to deal with even more horses to care for. With winter approaching, this will become an even bigger challenge, since horses have to be stabled and need extra forage. 
This is reason for Horse Lifestyle to take action by launching the “Happie Horse Campaign”.

Horse Lifestyle has opened up a special account exclusively for this purpose, for people who want to contribute by donating money. And specially designed bracelets will be available to be sold at riding schools and Horse Lifestyle’s website to increase the yield. Of course horse enthusiasts everywhere are invited to come up with original ways to boost the final amount.

“Happie Horse Campaign” runs through Horse Lifestyle’s Facebook page.
This page contains a brief description of all participating organizations. People can vote for their favorite charity by pressing “like”.
The three most “liked” causes receive the donatives on Christmas Eve in kind.

All proceeds will benefit the three winning organizations.

“Happie Horse Campaign” starts November 1st 2012 and ends December 23th 2012.
Would you like to participate or know more about this initiative?

Check out or go to

Horse Lifestyle, My Lifestyle.



ABOUT HORSE LIFESTYLE NETWORK Ltd.: Horse Lifestyle Network Ltd. (HLN) is a privately held corporation, which distributes equine lifestyle programming via cable and Internet throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Horse Lifestyle will formally launch as a channel in the 1st quarter of 2013, visit for more information.
For more information or Press Enquiries:

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