Move From Fear and Towards Love Successes

We had another amazing weekend of learning the healing wisdom of equus at The Lil’ Bit Ranch with Melisa Pearce! Through expression and Reiki Melisa’s herd and Excalibur helped eight woman find the path leading from fear and towards love. Always a pleasure to see Anna and Melisa working with the horses in harmony and compassion.

Heres some of the quotes that we heard during the clinic:

  • “Inspired by what the future holds”
  • “Words cannot express who thankful I am”
  • “Second that woowoo sisterhood”
  • “Circle of trust has been created”
  • “Watching you with the horses is magical”
  • “If the weekend ended on Friday it would have been okay”
  • “Making decisions out of love instead of fear makes a difference”
  • “Starting a new suitcase of life”
  • “I didnt know what I was getting into and didnt expect what I got out of it”.

Looking forward to future collaborations and  teachings.

For more info about Melisa Pearce and her Gestalt Equine Couching Program visit her site: Touched By a Horse.

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