Read what the participants’ testimonials from Minnesota

It was a fun and information filled Holistic Horse Weekend at the Spirit Horse Center in Minnesota!

What a phenomenal experience. You can always learn something new to work with your horses but to be inspired is always a gift. To walk away at the end of each day with new ideas to use is a wonderful motivation but to walk away with a new outlook on life is a feeling of reawakening. I saw each horse at the clinic for who he or she was in themselves. As the horse and handler worked as a team and the person giving the horse time to express them self, it was amazing to see each horse so strongly show their own personality. Whether it was insecurities, past experiences, current commitment or dedication, the information abounded in the round pen. To connect with the horse and make your contract was a true feeling of the beginning of a team. To be able to see that horse for what he or she was at a fair extent before you started to work was pretty cool. To connect with the horse’s mind and heart and give them the acknowledgement and appreciation for who they are and what they accomplished, my heart will embrace that feeling of love and understanding forever. Whatever the level each person learned to connect and the tools they walked away with; we all felt love, compassion, inspiration and appreciation for what we have in our horse world.

I love Anna and the things she’s achieved and I greatly look forward to more experiences with “Reaching Out to Horses”. Thanks to Anna and Spirit for a truly inspiring experience.

With love and compassion,

-Laura & Lilly (the Moody Mare, lol)

What a wonderful weekend we had! Thank you all for attending. It was a great group all three days with really nice energy.

If you would (and some of you already have) please take a few moments to give us some feedback on the day or days you attended. We would love to hear your thoughts. We may also use some of this feedback to assist us with our piece in the Valley Equestrian News and of course we always like any kind of commentary to let us know how we are doing.

Some things you may choose to comment on are new things you learned, things that inspired you, things that you will implement into your home horse activities etc etc. all comments and questions are encouraged and welcome.

Again a truly wonderful weekend. Thanks to all of you for your attendance.


I really enjoyed the clinic. Friday was interesting, especially the cat that wanted to show Anna around the house while she was doing the animal communication. I liked the TLC on Saturday because it gave me some practical tools I can use with all horses I interact with. I liked the round pen on Sunday because it helped me get a better connection with my horse and listen to what she is trying to tell me better.


-Dale Lunde

Wow!  What can I say?!  What an amazing day….Anna’s keen awareness and deep understanding of horse communication is simply  fascinating.  What I love most is Anna’s ability to share and teach others how to communicate better with his or her own  horse.   I was also blown away by her ability to communicate with MY  animals and relay some much needed information.  I am stunned by her  remarkable communication ability and very much admire her confident, yet  humble way. Her willingness to help others learn to better understand and work in a mutual, fair way with the horse really warms my heart. I feel  hopeful!

Thank you for bringing Anna to your fabulous Spirit Horse Center!


-Kathy Zachman Mathiasen

Just wanted to let you know that both Dale and I had a GREAT time at the clinic this weekend. Dale was beaming on the way home. I really felt that I learned some new ways of working and understanding Mystic. I know that she came to me to help me grow and lead me to new frontiers and my goodness has she been successful.

The barn and staff were wonderful. The group was really connected during the entire weekend, the food was great and the horses were phenomonal.

It goes without saying that Anna has a gift with both horses and people that has to be admired and I was so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her again. GREAT JOB to all involved.



I have been thinking about this.  
What keeps coming to mind is that  tho I have studied with many world renowned ” natural” horsemanship Greats over the past three decades , some of whom I have come to know personally and  highly respect. The weekend with Anna Twinney was like the Grand Finale to having all the pieces of the most beautiful photogenic and spiritual  equine puzzle  fall into place. After all these years  I felt indescribably inspired and left with a renewed  and refreshed sense of awe ,wonder ,passion love  and admiration in the depths and breadths of my heart and soul for and of the equines . I felt honored and humbled in addition to the inspiration… to have had the privilege  grace and gift of  a weekend with Anna. Oh what a dream come true! Tank you Thank you Thank you!I don’t think I have felt that inspired by anyone in many many years if ever.
I graciously thank Spirit Horse Center for doing such an exemplary job of hosting and Hats of to Stacy for getting Anna  there! Way to go Stacy ! And my deepest and most heartfelt thank you to Anna for sharing her gifts and blessings with us . Thank you Anna. I am forever grateful and in your debt as are the horses and humans that my heart hands and soul have the gift of  coming in contact/conncetion with. We all rejoice and say THANK YOU and God Bless!
Love and blessings to you always the staff of Spirit Horse Center  ,Stacy and Tony, and to Anna ttfn  Sincerely Pam Latson , Kindred Spirits Farm


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