Untouched Horse Clinic, Cody, WY, 2012

Left to right back row: Helen (France), Tricia (Wyoming), Megan (France), Llyod (Colorado), Mac (Connecticut), Michaele (Wyoming), Kathy (Connecticut),              (Texas), Rebecca (Nigeria), Anna & little Joe (Colorado), Chase (Oregon)

In the middle: Jan

Front row: Sejia (Colorado), Liv (Sweden), Sönke (Germany), Lauren (Colorado), Yrsa (Sweden), Julia (California), Elaine (Wyoming), Crawford (Oregon) Merlin (where ever Anna is)

This year’s Reach Out To the Untouched Horse Clinic was a smashing success!

Students from across the globe came to Cody, WY and gentled 12 BLM Mustangs through the ROTH methods. They had the fortunate timing of one Crawford Hall being in Cody at the same time. The former Dean at Flag Is Up Ranch and one of Anna’s own mentors. That’s two masters to guide them through the delicate art of gentling a wild one.

Check out the videos of Crawford teaching.

And see the pictures of the event on Facebook!

Two yearlings from this year’s clinic are still available for adoption through the BLM. For more info visit F.O.A.L.’s website.

That’s a gentled mustang for the price of an untouched! This filly, River, and colt, Bridger have learned to lead, pick up their feet, and enjoy human company.


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