Anna Comes to Brewster, NY

Reach Out to Horses® presents…

A Day of Holistic Horsemanship with Anna Twinney

Location: Pegasus Farm in Brewster, N.Y.

Dates: Friday 11/30, 9am-5pm – PTR staff only

Sunday 12/2, 10am-5pm – PTR volunteers only

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: Saturday 12/1, 10am-6pm

The universal communication between horse and human, known as horse whispering, includes body language, intuition and an understanding of the laws of energy.  It also requires an in-depth understanding of the horse’s temperament and character, and a careful balance of patience, kindness, affection and respect…

Spend the Day Learning the Foundations of the Reach Out to Horses® Program!

Through demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on exercises, you will explore the very same techniques that

Anna has used, all around the world, to build genuine trust-based partnerships with thousands of horses.

Part I – “De-Mystify the Round Pen”: Witness the effectiveness of the Round Pen. Experience a language that goes beyond body gestures, and create a lexicon that can be used in and out of the Round Pen.

  • Create the ultimate foundation with your horse
  • Learn the importance of herd dynamics & behavior
  • Develop a 2-way communication system
  • Understand how horses perceive your actions
  • Determine when the RP is NOT the right tool

Part II – “Muscle Testing”: Identify what your horse needs to be happy, healthy & whole.

  • Explore the body, mind, spirit connection
  • Get direct feedback from your body – the body does not lie!
  • Test your horse for any supplement, feed or deficiency
  • Learn how to address energy blocks
  • Discover how your thoughts, limitations & beliefs affect your life

Part III – “Animal Communication”: Discover the world of Interspecies Communication & explore a whole new relationship with your horse.

  • Experience your ability to connect with another being
  • Learn the reasons behind behavioral issues & how to solve them
  • Hear the scientific perspective
  • Understand your animals perspective on situations

Take Your Partnership with Your Horse to a Whole New Level!

Join us for one of three horsemanship clinics at Pegasus Therapeutic Riding’s

Adults 18 and up: $125 per person

$150 if you register after 11/16

Age 17 and under: $60 per person

$75 if you register after 11/16

Space is limited, so sign up today!

R.S.V.P. by 11/21 to Syreeta Jones at or 845-669-8235 x101

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