Reach Out To Wisdom, Cody, WY 2012

Anna Twinney and Vin Mancarella with students and fellow teachers, Bob and Barney

These past 3 days have passed very quickly with all that filled the days. The work & exercises were well planned to build on what went before. Work w/ horses was never predictable – the horses suited their behaviors & teaching to the lesson, to the person or team of people. & the question posed. Their messages/answers were indispensable, clear & concise. And if the student’s wanted to evade,there was Anna & Vin to interpret & reiterate the teaching.The horses continue to amaze in their ability to understand & communicate.


I was very impressed with Vin & Anna’s Reach Out To Wisdom. I leave with a vision for my future that has been lacking for so very long. I have clarity of how I get in my own way & simply more hope.

-Grace Gabrielle

Not a horse person. . .Came w/ a friend, and now I owe him a Big Thank You!  Insights. . .understanding. . .real answers. . .And a Big Thank You to Anna & Vin.

-Bill Simmons

Dear Vin & Anna,

I am grateful for a wonderful three days. This will and has changed my life. Thank you for your perfect interpretation of the horses and me.

All the best,

-Beth Bates Chaffie

Not really knowing what to expect in the course I just knew I needed to be here. I’m so thankful that I came. Anna & Vin make a great team. I am leaving this course with the tools to finally take responsibility for my life and knowing that I can. The course really was enlightening, surprising & funny – Vin kept us laughing on this otherwise serious & sometimes painful journey.  Thank you Vin & Anna for always making me feel safe while revealing my true self!


The “Reach Out to Wisdom” course converges insights from Vin and Anna with the lessons taught by horses to deliver an exceptionally profound learning experience.  The unique design of the course allowed me as a student the opportunity to explore more deeply the questions of authenticity, integrity and how to live the life I want to live.  Vin led the class through exercises that helped us attune ourselves the the important questions we each needed to ask, and Anna flawlessly assigned us each the horse that would best help us find the answers to our questions. Anna and Vin did a phenomenal job in interpreting the lessons that the horses were delivering.

 Having participated in many self-development seminars in my thirty year career, I can unequivocally state that this is one of the best and most insightful I have ever had the pleasure to attend.  I would wholeheartedly suggest that if you have the courage to ‘go deep’ in your personal development, sign up for the next class of “Reach Out to Wisdom!”

-Chris Dimock

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