ROTH Holistic Horse Foundation Course 2012 Graduates

This year ROTH had a very successful Foundation Course! But, don’t take our word for it. Here’s what the students have to say:

The lessons I have learned during the Holistic Horse Foundation Certification Course will be incorporated into every aspect of my relationship with horses. I am unsure of the final destination, but my path is clear. I have chosen to always give the horse a voice, and to strive to have a partnership with the horse. Thank you for sharing your methods!

-Cynthia Carrona


I am thankful that I decided to come back and continue the ROTH path & do the cast studies. There are so many blessings that came from these 2nd 2 weeks. It has boosted me to keep going with my horses and challenge myself on my path and step up on my journey.Thanks forever to you Anna for setting me up for success. xoxo

-Marie Robustly


The Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Course has been the stand out experience of a lifetime. It is an honor to learn and practice exercises in horsemanship through Ann’a specific guidance and support. . .the horses and I are forever grateful! The benefits of this program are immeasurable in pure joy, enhanced confidence and a sincere focus on what truly is for the greatest good of the horses.

-Nanette Dieterle


An invaluable two week period on so many levels. It is only during these two weeks that a number of pieces of the jigsaw have fallen into place and I can now understand, appreciate and FEEL what a true connection with horses is like. Horses are also beginning to partner with me willingly and with that trust of all breeds, ages and disciplines. I also now know that I can truly help horses in a variety of situations and this is possible as a result of these two weeks. I have undertaken a number of more advanced training courses, however I now see that I would have benefited much more from them having the foundation courses firmly under my belt. My deepest thanks to Anna, Vin and the ROTH team for really creating an amazing environment to learn, really understand and communicate in the language of equus, enabling me to be the best I can be at any given time setting myself and the horses I work with up for success. Thank you

-Rebecca Hoppe


I thought Part I was exceptional but these 2 weeks have been extraordinary. I feel like my skill set and understanding of the horses language have grown in leaps and bounds these last two weeks. I feel very confident in my abilities as I move forward to the next phase of my horsemanship. But the most important lesson I learned during the course is that it is never about me. It is always about the horses and what value I bring to them.

-Vincent Mancorella

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